Dec 9

ThinkerThunker: Northern Ontario Bigfoot

ThinkerThunker writes “A boatman captures a glimpse of “something” over on the shore. Was it human, Bigfoot or a hoax? These four finds make it totally clear. Check it out and decide for yourself.”

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  1. Ron S

    I’ve seen the original clip where it’s running to the left and it looks like a portly babushka woman in a bear suit and rubber fishing boots…but me, personally I prefer Thinker Thunkers Minecraft Bigfoot that runs the other direction and emerges from the evil black smudge cloud and farts brown dust as it goes by…now that’s entertainment!

  2. Dovie D

    Wow. Thank you guys for sharing the web sites where this was posted. Yes one photo shows this walking the opposite way.. I get so tired of people posting bull shit. I just want to slap them.

  3. Ron S

    To me the first tell is how the guy is turning the boat around to a 90 degree, possibly more direction but is very persistent at using his likely phone camera to maintain a view of the lit area on the shoreline. The cup holder on the front bow and walk-thru windshield suggests this is a Crestliner boat most likely a 17.5 foot fish hawk. The guy is turning his boat while standing or at least holding the camera above the windshield (which is approximately at the top of head height in the seated position) and taking video at the same time which makes little sense to me in normal boating activity. He also didn’t even bother to remove the cover off the front of the boat or mount the electric trolling motor which tells me he had other plans than fishing…possibly. As you see how fast the shoreline approaches as he moves in it tells you he wasn’t far from it…if you then have measured the top of the subjects head (at a further distance) down to where the waterline meet the shore you’d realize the boater would have to be looking 20-25 feet up to see the subjects face if it were 10 feet tall…when standing in a boat like that you’re foot bottoms are fairly close to where the surface of the water would be ( like you were standing on the lake basically). There’s no evidence done as to what kind of pines these are but I’m guessing lodgepole…and yes they do grow up to 70-80 feet tall but it’d be highly unlikely that the largest ones would grow on rocky terrain like this on a shoreline. From an artists perspective I’d guess level to the camera looks about halfway up the bank as seen at the closest view point which makes the subject a lot closer to 6 feet. And there is absolutely a ton more detail (better than Atari 2600 graphics) in the original video and especially if you know how to tweak it…but I can’t say this one is worth the time or energy…I could probably find faults in this clip six ways from Sunday, but how it was shot was really all I needed to see. We’ll, I’m off to the woods for an evening deer hunt and hopefully am blessed to get one more before season is over (if not that’s ok too), just looking to put the last bit of meat in the freezer to get by until next season. Take care everyone and enjoy the outdoors for crying out loud:)

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