Feb 10

Things in the sky

Here is some pictures we discussed on last nights show. Sue writes “I know the UFO phenomenon really isn’t your thing, but thought you might like to see what we’ve seen.

So, sending you some pics we’d taken of the UFO’s and I picked out the most clear ones.

These were all while living in Canada, first three are from my husband’s parent’s old farm and the rest of them are from our cottage in New Brunswick. Also, forgot to mention while living in NB, I witnessed an all black helio fly directly over our cottage one day while I was working in our garden. All black, even the windows, no markings of any kind and it made absolutely no sound. It was close enough over the house and myself, that there should of been sound. Unfortunately the first UFO sighting I’d had out on my old place-we weren’t carrying any kind of camera that night. The only thing we’ve done to these photos is to enlarge a few to see if we could make out the objects any better. Your welcome to analyze them however you want to.

So, here ya go…”








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    • Avis B

      Thank you Sue for coming on and telling your stories.. I have been saying the same thing you say for the past 15 years.. They all do the same thing.. they all are connected..

  1. Charles R

    Problem with UFOs is darn near always at night and you only get some kind of lights and not necessarily the true shape of the craft. Pictures of lights alone will never be enough. I always liked the one from the Belgium wave from early 90s. These are some nice pictures Sue. I will now go and listen.

  2. Cynthia W

    Thank you for sharing the pictures, Sue. I have seen them also. One night in Clovis, CA my friend and I were driving and seen this UFO it was bright. We drove towards the UFO and while we watching it separated into three UFO’s and one of them came towards us. We were scared, and although it was faster than our car, it seemed at times to let us get close to it or it would come close to us. One interesting thing it did was dive into a orchard, I do not know how it was able to navigate between the orchard trees or how it seem to become smaller. We seemed to follow/chase the lights for hours. I remember stopping g at a store on the outskirts of Clovis and it being later than we thought, not sure if it was missing time? This was in 1990, cell phones were not common. My friend later joined the Air Force for 15 years and she & I still believes we saw UFO’s that night. Kind regards, 😉

  3. Steve V

    I too have witnessed these lights some more amazing than others and they never seem to travel alone I recently purchased a set of World War II combat binoculars off a guy who actually wore them and World War II these are Starlight binoculars and they do one amazing job I tell you what you do not have to focus these binoculars it seems they focus no matter which way you point them they are focused I guess they made him that way so when you pop up by your Foxhole you ain’t got to mess around but focusing in on your enemy and getting your head blown off basically LOL Anyway I do a lot of stargazing and I have seen these lights if you focus in on them and just barely Focus back out you can see the colors in them red green blue and it looks like it’s dancing it almost looks like there’s something inside of it doing all kinds of like Voodoo type dancing to keep that orbit around it and if you noticed these or did you not travel alone I also heard that that is a part of them helping each other keep those orbs around them one thing I want to get clear as I do not believe in aliens absolutely not I do believe in the Fallen I know people don’t like to hear about the Bible on here but too bad God and Satan are real as real as the money in your pocket if you don’t like it get over it cuz it’s true the mortal sin that has been coming in the world the more we see of them it is true and you know it it’s not cuz we’re moving out into their country or their area it’s just cuz they’re showing themselves I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if Sarah has something to do with that too far as Bigfoot I believe these beings to be empty vessels easily consumed by the devil the way they move is just out of this world it’s impossible it doesn’t make sense I do have had but I believe our encounters with him and I don’t want nothing to do with them I just ignored it and it went away I don’t want to get into what I saw when I heard it scared the living shit out of me let’s just put it that way and I want to keep it at that and I do not want anything to do with them at all for the longest time I wanted to go out and look for these things but anymore I don’t think so. One question I have for people who have killed family members of these beans what would happen if these things ever decide to uprise I mean as in to come into town and whoop the living shit out of us humans we would be screwed absolutely says in the Bible in the end times Derby beans on Earth that would stop men’s Hearts cold from Fear well I believe these beans have that capability and they all the sudden decide to congregate and come to town what would we do about it absolutely nothing these things are kill thousands upon thousands of people before the military or whoever had time to go into action I’m probably getting off track here I’m just trying to stay to point I do believe in these orbs I have seen them I have seen many of them I have seen orbs dock with stars and then leave I have seen what I thought was a shooting star didn’t think nothing of it 10 minutes later it left the same area it came in the exact same space so explain that one I wish I could get this stuff on film but unfortunately it is damn near impossible anyway those are my two cents I’m sure nobody will give you a nickel about it but that’s fine I just wanted to comment and leave my opinion be careful out there people we have no idea what we’re messing with out there if they do have the power of the Fallen some of them I’m not saying all of them you have not got a chance in hell to beat any of these things especially if they travel in packs like we are suspecting so good luck to all you guys are research be careful God bless you and again be very very careful make sure if you have problems I would like to have you test to see if you start praying see if these things go away if they do there’s your answer there’s way more to it then and just a wild animal.

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