Feb 6

Theories: What is Sasquatch?

YouTuber Zohar StarGate TV writes “Over the years several different Bigfoot theories have been offered.

Some of the more common theories are the primative theory, the lost tribe, the neanderthal theory, the Cain theory, paranormal / UFO-related, the Bigfoot-Giganto hypothesis. Bigfoots are typically sighted in or near remote wooded, mountainous, or swampy areas.

They are rarely seen far from the cover of trees. If they encounter humans during daylight hours they tend to retreat and vanish into the forest. They seem to be most active when humans are least active — late at night. Unlike mountain gorillas, bigfoots are never seen in large groups, and they don’t stay in the same place for very long.”

5 Responses to “Theories: What is Sasquatch?”

  1. Matt W

    I think it is obviously primate…. definately in chimp or ape family due to the long arms, all fours, and tree climbing abilities. Since chimps are genetically similar to humans, whose to say some of those traits didnt present themselves and create the creature we know today. I think it is basically a chimp that has human genes dominant in some areas. This could also explain why some look chimp-like and others more human or neanderthal-ish….. its all about the genes!

  2. Wolf

    I’m in the relic hominid camp.

    We share a distant ancestor but not as distant as the one we share with apes and chimps. At some point (after bipedalism) some branched off into nocturnalism (or we branched of into diurnalism).

  3. Steven B

    I am constantly amazed by people who say “There are no experts” yet will make absolute statements about BF such as “None have ever been killed.” and then proceeds to proof text by citing only the accounts where they are shot at but not felled. I am surprised that no one has pointed out the accounts where certain repugnant individuals show up and confiscate body and all evidence or the gentleman that Wes interviewed that killed one while turkey hunting. Why can’t these people say, “To *my* knowledge, none have ever been killed.” or “I’ve not heard of any being killed.”

    Just a pet peeve of mine…

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