Jul 17

The Thing Was White!

A listener writes “I’ve been listening to your podcast for a while now. A friend of mine got me into it. I had a fleeting encounter I guess you could say. I live in northeast Texas. Not far from where your guest Dallas had his encounter.

I was driving home from either work or my parents house. It’s been a while can’t remember where I was coming from but I was heading home. It was raining buckets outside and I was on what we call an oil dirt road very close to interstate 30 and Mount Vernon texas. Now this isn’t a fascinating account by any means. I was driving towards i30 on this county road and a thing/ creature ran across the road. It wasn’t overly large that I remember. I’d say 4-6 feet. The thing was white! I mean as white as a piece of paper. I didn’t get any details of the creatures appearance it was like 2 seconds at best. At that time I wasn’t thinking Bigfoot or Sasquatch. Mainly because it was white and wasn’t large. It smooth freaked me out though. I was so confused and scared shitless which I can’t explain. I remember slowing down and stopping and looking across the fence where it crossed but praying I didn’t see it. I can’t explain the fear but after listening to several hundred of your shows it seems to be a common reaction. I was so confused it made me nauseous. I felt ill. I told my wife about it and she was like what was it. I told her it looked like a white rabbit or something lol I know that sounds odd but I was struggling to explain what I’d seen. I haven’t told many people about it. Most just laughed it off as per the usual reaction. Haven’t seen anything like that since I’ve hunted my hole life lived in the woods and never saw anything I couldn’t explain but this.

Maybe it wasn’t but I sure can’t think of anything else that could be white and run upright and cross a county road and two fences in about 1.5 seconds. Anyway not much else to tell about that. I know sometimes you talk about ufos and I believe I saw one a couple years ago. I was standing out in my front drive talking on the phone with my golfing buddy. I saw what I thought was the space station going over my house. I live in Leesburg Texas now very rural about 18 miles from closet town of pittsburg Texas. Home of Carrol Shelby. If you know hot rods. Anyway this light was moving pretty good across the sky. I told my friend to go outside and look that he could see it. About that time it stopped I mean instantly. Then proceeded to reverse it direction. I told him to hell with that I went in the house. It looked just like the space station coming over. I’ve always been fascinated with space and I know it wasn’t a plane or a drone. Too large to be a satellite. I watch satellites all the time. That’s it. Well that’s it love the show I look forward to listening weekly. Listening at this moment to a members episode about Afghanistan. Have a good night.”

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  1. Linda B

    Straight shooter witness for sure. When I drove from Texarkana to Idabel Oklahoma back in the early 80s, through that flat dark area, I used to get so creeoed out. Now, after listening to so many witnesses coming from that area, I know why. Pretty creepy area. Thanks for the awesome story.

  2. James M

    Yes I have an app on my phone that notify me when the space station will be flying over. It give the exact location and time along with direction of travel. So I see it often but there are times objects are moving across the sky and they are moving like the station which moves very fast but I’ve observed these objects change direction. And when I say change direction I mean it’s heading from north going east and then all a sudden it’s going south and moving faster.

  3. theresa m

    Mostly in the summer time is when we watch the night sky in Maine because there is so much activity between the local airport to the satellites and then those odd unknowns that do make those strange, unexpected sharp turns at star level.

  4. Daren c

    Incredible account. Thanks for sharing.

    I do lots driving from Delaware to Galena Maryland, not a whole lot of dense woods unfortunately but I still find myself on the look out for the big hairy man-beast that “don’t exist” but is seen everywhere! Lol Thamks Wes and writer!

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