May 21

The Talking Bird

I have never seen a bird with so much personality, GeoBeats Animals writes “A sick cockatoo lost his human. Here’s how the Veterinarian responded.”

One Response to “The Talking Bird”

  1. Ron S

    Where would we be without animals? They are all sacred gifts from the Creator. When they exist alongside us as pets living within the energy we exude it becomes more apparent they are taking on many of our same energies or characteristics
    (much like a shadow self), they often even psychologically or emotionally heal us when we need them to. Animals are part of the balance. We need to hold those that disrespect and mistreatment animals to consequences as if they are mistreating a human child, because in all actuality the mistreated animals we aren’t appreciating are probably higher spiritual beings than the spirituality within the offender of them.

    Respect your Poodle Dudel !☀️

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