Sep 16

The Strange LIghts

A. listener writes “The last night, just after 2:00 a.m., we woke up to the sound of light metal banging. It sounded like it could have tent poles. I looked outside the tent toward the neighboring site and saw a blueish/white light moving back and forth.

It probably stretched about 30 yards wide and fairly high into the trees although dimmer as it got higher.I initially thought it must be the guy with a flashlight looking at what was making noise outside the tent. But then I saw what looked like a rod of light maybe a foot long (oriented vertically) that seemed to be going in and out of the top corner of the tent. Now this could have been an LED light bar. But the behavior seemed erratic and it was above where the tent windows were. It also seemed to be easily going in and out of the tent which was weird behavior as well. Then the light entered the tent fully and lit it up very bright. At this time you could see the silhouette of someone on a cot, and they raised up off the cot about a foot slightly arched at the waist/lower back. It was super creepy because that’s what you see in the movies.

I thought maybe it was the guy lifting up a sleeping bag or lifting up his son but the weird part was there was no silhouette of someone standing. Just the light, the cot and what appeared to be a horizontal body.Shortly after, the light quickly became much dimmer and illuminated only the lower quarter of the tent. Which is weird for light to uniformly spread across only one elevation but not at least mildly illuminate the rest. Then the light either got very bright again or maybe it just flickered but soon it was gone from the tent. Right at that time a small orb about the size of a baseball appeared just over the same corner the first rod light was seen. This slowly moved away and slightly higher.

It probably started out around 6-7 feet off the ground and moved to about 15-20. At that point I recognized a look and behavior I have heard on your show. It gave off a light pale white/blue/purple light and only barely illuminated its immediate surroundings if at all. It was bright but dim at the same time. I could just have been scared but from the start I had the distinct feeling I didn’t want the light to catch me watching. That was all we needed to see some got in the car and left.”

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  1. Logan B

    That’s it bud, that’s “the lights”/“orbs”. Super weird stuff — I’ve seen it myself extensively. No explanation for it other than what you’ve already mentioned. “Errotic behavior” I can definitely relate to I terms of my experience in seeing these things. It’s like they just dance around . And at the same time, you get this very distinct feeling that whatever the light is, it knows you’re watching it.

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