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The Spottsville Monster appears to be alive and well

I have been going over my archives and several shows stood out. I wanted to share or “reshare” them with you.

spottsvilleIn 1975 in Spottsville, KY the Nunnelly family home was terrorized by mysterious 8ft tall creatures. Their nightmare was written about in newspapers, broadcast on TV shows but the mystery as to what was roaming the quiet western Kentucky town outside of Henderson remains.

The Spottsville Monster is the true story of various encounters with big, hairy, Bigfoot-like monsters in the lonely bottom lands of Western Kentucky. The bulk of the work centers on the eleven month ordeal experienced there by the Nunnelly family in 1975.

The story begins in that year with a devout widower and her two children residing in a small, isolated farmhouse on Mound Ridge Rd. At this time the area is part of a very small town. But its population is dwindling fast because of a frightening monster said to dwell in the foreboding forests there. After a traumatic encounter they leave the area as well and we jump forward to 1975 as the Nunnelly family, after several years of unhappy city life, make their entrance. Eager to return to the relative simplicity of country living, Nunnelly parents ignore the warning given them by the current residents and waste no time moving in.

The Nunnelly’s are a somewhat troubled and unusual family. Red, the husband and father to the six young children, is a rough and tumble, no nonsense renegade who suffers from glaucoma. They are, at heart, simple country folk forced to live in the city by a series of strange encounters with the unknown at their previous country home some three years earlier. The disturbing memories, forgotten in the hope of a better life, quickly resurface when their farm animals begin to disappear.

Bart Nunnelly said that his family had been terrorized by “the Spottsville monster” when he was a youngster in that community. “I was forced to be a believer from a young age when all this stuff happened to my own family,” he said, noting that the Nunnellys had lost 16 chickens and a goat to the creature.

spottsville1The Spottsville Monster appears to be alive and well. In September, 2010, a lone motorist was driving down Baskett Lane right before dusk when he reportedly observed a large figure standing upright next to some trees in a small thicket.

The motorist said the creature, who was estimated at between seven and eight feet tall, stared right back at him for a time and then disappeared into the woods.

Then there’s an April, 2009 account from a woman who lives near 136-West.

She said she heard a strange howling in the evening and when she went outside to try and identify the source, she saw an outline of a huge figure in the pasture next door.

Her pit bull, apparently not usually afraid of much, “whimpered and got down on her belly and crawled back into the house…She refused to go back outside for over an hour.”

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