Dec 28

The Spooklight Phenomenon

One of the oddest and weirdest stories in the Heartland of America is that of the Spook Light, a glowing orb that appears near the border of Missouri and Oklahoma in an area known as the “Devil’s Promenade.” The bouncing, colorful light has been a mystery for hundreds of years. So what’s behind this eerie phenomenon?

What Is The Spook Light?
The light is also known as the Devil’s Jack-O-Lantern, Hornet Spook Light, Hollis Light, and the Joplin Spook Light. But each of these names gives you the rough idea: it’s spooky.

The Spook Light has been witnessed by Native Americans and others since the early 1830s, during the days of the Trail of Tears. No one knows for sure what the Spook Light actually is, but it is commonly described as a single ball of light (or a tight grouping of lights)—varying in size from the size of a baseball to the size of a basketball—that appears in the area frequently, usually at night, no matter the time of year.

Sometimes the ball of light remains still. Other times it moves with active vibration. Folklore and legend says it’s either the Devil with a lantern wandering the Earth, or the soul of a confederate soldier. Another tale involves the ghosts of two young Native American lovers searching for each other in the nightscape.

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  1. Christopher d

    I have seen this thing . It was about a quarter of a mile away when it jumped on the roof of a car , rode it a ways and jumped , bouncing into the trees . Crazy Spook light , scared my aunt to death lol , she jumped over me ,as i was squatting , and ran for our car😂🤪

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