May 29

The Sasquatch Encounter Brigade: Growl on Video

The Sasquatch Encounter Brigade claims to capture a growl on video. Jonny writes “This is one of the 3 times I have been growled at by what I believe to be a Sasquatch.” Take a look.

3 Responses to “The Sasquatch Encounter Brigade: Growl on Video”

  1. Ron S

    My fiancé and I were in the the woods plinking this evening and heard something very similar, she thought it was a growl, I thought it was a frog myself. Either way I wasn’t overcome with fear or exactly creeped out… There have been a few instances in years past that I didn’t feel were natural at all, but in those moments the last thing I was thinking about was recording it (which I’d have to say is probably the most common thought process for anyone dealing with what feels like a serious situation).
    All in all, the interpretation of an odd experience is truly and only up to the witness, it almost doesn’t matter what the sound is, if the person has a good intuition to believe there was something off about it, it may have been so.

    If you have a good understanding or knowledge of the local wildlife and what it’s supposed to sound like, and the potential sounds by natural or man made objects that can produce sound, and then combine that information WITH your natural instincts, this may tell a more convincing probability to yourself.

    Your knowledge of your area or surroundings is only going to get better if you are actually outside amongst it. There is so much to learn, the wildlife and what it contains, and knowledge of sounds in your area caused by man made objects can explain away most unusual sounds… But If the knowledge isn’t there to rationalize situations some people may have to resort to panicking, or reactionary instincts of fight or flight.

    There are better ways to handle things than resorting to fear by lack of understanding, and this comes from an intuitive sense that that tells a person if something feels right or wrong. A yet further intuitive sense may even tell a person if what they perceive is natural to this world or should exist here (or not), or even good or evil, but this sense might not be developed as highly in some people, I’m really not sure, I can only speak for myself and surmise from what I’ve read and from peoples views on different topics of the unexplained.
    My personal thought is that intuitive senses are just as important and should remain as prized as physical knowledge itself. We don’t gain in our best attributes of kindness and compassion by retaining more book knowledge and you certainly don’t get it by living in fear and running away from things.
    Without excelling in intuition all you have left is a book smart person running from things with panic and fight or flight… and imo it isn’t healthy living in reactionary world with lots of powerful things and too much fear. A world with knowledge and equally better intuition makes for better choices, better values, compassion and accountability. This is what we should try to recognize. Not fear things we failed to learn, don’t have knowledge of, understand or have intuition about wether something is good or bad (spiritually or otherwise)… idk, it makes sense to me.
    I hope everyone had a wonderful and safe weekend!☀️

  2. Linda B

    Thanks Wes for posting this, nice to hear a actual growl and neat when you can hear evidence. Probably just my imagination but the growl sounds like two syllables, sounds like “hello” being answered back in the louder replay.

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