Feb 12

The Native Bigfoot

TREY the Explainer writes “I do want to clarify that the beliefs held by the Yokuts that I present in this video are little simplified. After several conversations with the representative, they further explained to me that the Yokuts believe that the Hairy Man is a tribe of people, a tribe of spiritual people that can walk in both worlds: in the spirit and in flesh-and-blood.

They are endowed with the abilities to transform, speak, and heal. The Yokuts explicitly do NOT believe them to be ape-like/Sasquatch-like creatures. The interpretation of the Hairy Man held by Bigfooters is simply incorrect and does not reflect the actual beliefs of the Yokuts.”

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  1. David J

    While I appreciate the research done for this documentary, several of the things he claims do not jive with what I have heard Native Americans state about many of these creatures with my own ears. Several of those were on episodes of Sasquatch Chronicals. For what he stated to be true, all of those individuals woukd have to be lying.

  2. Ron S

    These creatures definitely go way back throughout time with not just Native American peoples but many indigenous cultures with many generational tales and references. These beings were thought of in many different ways from physical to many cultures believing them having spiritual natures or abilities as well… I would agree.

    Some viewed them as also another type of people or even protectors of the forest or even something to be feared like evil spirits or the kidnappers of humans and sometimes cannibals… I agree with all of that as well.

    Imo, How these beings are allowed by the Creator to interact in our reality and what they are allowed to do is always going to be different for each and every person, but sometimes the views or opinions of them vary and are more widespread as to how they interact with tribes or entire groups of humans as well.

    It seems to depend on the overall message that needs to be sent to the individual or the group to keep them aware of the spiritual realities or realms, with the connection to all life itself and our interactions with Earth, nature and the Creator.

    These messages are more often subtle but in more serious cases involve witnessing various manifestations.
    Messages contain everything from enlightenment or awareness to also consequences, brought through how pure or even how misguided your own internal spirituality, closeness to the Creator or choices in life have been…

    Sometimes the encountered reactions in an allowed manifestation or in this case these Sasquatch beings will vary from everything to acting more shy, tricky, well behaved, or benevolent… All the way to becoming more aggressive, scary and probably not limited to violence against humans, likely as a punishment for ongoing decisions by the individual or mankind as a whole in not following the higher spirituality found in nature and each other with thankfulness to the Creator with humility.

    Throughout history there is an obvious pattern of any person, people, tribe or culture that aren’t sustaining a more virtuous lifestyle are eventually exposed to more drastic messages by God in the form of even more obvious interactive spirits, demigods, creatures or entities that seem to have very powerful attributes or appearances within themselves.

    Sometimes people lose their connection to Gods power through his humility and grace, then make a bad situation worse. They lose the ability to distinguish the more subtle but much more powerful spiritual realm of the divine and basically settle for the more obvious, apparent and instant gratification of evils.

    It seems to happen over and over again throughout time where mankind slips as a whole to the point where they just don’t realize God is trying to basically save them and “put the fear of God in them” to make better choices, haha.

    By not realizing or appreciating the true “Source” of all existence or the Creator, they sometimes even wind up worshiping the dark messenger or its designated appearance as a god or demigod itself… That’s when it really goes downhill fast and people descend into more depravity trying to bring about more action/messages from what they don’t understand is not anything like God at all, but actually something from the side of evil or darkness.

    Then big “G” God shrugs his big proverbial spiritual shoulders with a “well, I tried” and gives the misguided and dark energies a good ole fashioned a** whoopin’… Again.

    That’s why you see the evidence of civilizations that rose and then fell over time… Their giant over-glorified structures no longer as appreciation to the Creator and then left in ruins, sunken, or buried… Also their artifacts or writings remain behind, with all the telltale signs they did in fact stray from appreciating the power of the Creator which they should have honored, first and foremost, and always.

    But, that’s the beauty of a message from the Creator… Just because some people from the past didn’t quite “get it”, God still allows enough of his original message and it’s story to remain, in hopes that someday people will become wise enough to comprehend it all and take it seriously……. IMO:) 🌞🙏🏼

    I have an urge to watch Planet of the Apes now for some strange reason.

  3. Ron S

    I got about halfway through the video and had to bail on it. Normally I would’ve closed on something like this after the first hint of deception which was pretty early on in the video. I gave it the old college try for Wes though.

    Here’s the rough truth as I see it currently “displayed” in many videos since the invention of “screens”. The word “screen” pretty much sums it up by itself. Screens essentially hide things from people and sometimes they try and convince us “it’s for your own good”, but often it’s simply to hide something and keep us in the dark for an agenda we probably wouldn’t want to admit as reality.

    I currently have a hard time taking anyone seriously who is unwilling to bend even a little and states absolutely everything as gospel, because now more than ever humanity is in a massive state of confusion and overall ignorance as we’ve been conditioned to follow false wisemen and simultaneously ignore their lies or the trails of their bunny nuggets of BS.

    First of all… There’s quite a bit of information that would’ve been lost in the translation of these original Native stories, as well as the alterations or changes made to these stories by the ones these stories were translated to… Myself, I picture some old crusty aristocratic in a powdered wig and fresh off a witch hunt would surely make changes to these classic iterations back in the day (just like now, imagine that?) so that these teachings could then fit within their own non-native culture, lifestyle or parameters of what they deem as “reality”.

    There was a reason for the Navajo code talkers… Native languages are very hard to translate, these languages also contain words that don’t exist in the English language and vice versa.

    It’s a vastly different world now. These old Native stories use to be told for wisdom, survival, growing or morals for them at the time as well as their future generations (and let’s not forget free!)…They were told in ways that would grab your attention and make the listener aware, reminding them of both the natural and physical worlds that they or their elders were aware of.

    Nowadays people mainly don’t tell stories freely and willingly for a good cause outside of their own selfish wants. It’s become more about the latest greatest bit of shock value in book or video form for fame or money or some kind of credentials in the here and now while giving less concern to tradition, honesty or as knowledge for future generations. It’s to the point now where only modern original stories regardless of any morality or truth are given any long looks either. (It’s evident these long looks would be better used for looking at ourselves now).

    Now add to the fact the there’s so much disinformation injected into any amount of truth in any written or spoken word both currently as well as the capability for digital alterations to previous historical documents and now you get one real hot mess… And that’s not even getting into the fact that you can’t even believe anything you see through any media source, with modern technology’s ability to alter real life or fabricate a reality that doesn’t even exist. Gee willickers, thanks a lot. 😒🤖

    I really don’t like thinking about and exclaiming my unpleasantries of where society is headed.
    Honestly, I rather not be that person who wears a shirt that says “I’m a Karen!”… I’d much rather wear a shirt that says “I’mma Care’n!”❤️🙏🏼🌞
    Take care everyone!

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