Dec 1

The “Mothman” Encounters, 1966-1967

Think Anomalous writes “While the “mothman” has become a fixture of paranormal horror since it was adapted to film in 2002, the stories it was based on were actually far stranger than anything portrayed on screen. The wide range of events that occurred in Point Pleasant, West Virginia in 1966 and 1967 remain some of the most perplexing anomalous events in history, and they implore us to consider how they all might be related.”

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  1. Janetta V

    Yes, the name of JESUS will run these crappers off. He shed his blood for us and to anyone who accepts Him will have life everlasting.
    I sometimes wonder why this area was so infested with all of those evil things, the stories seem to never end. Thank you Wes for featuring this story.

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