Oct 23

The Mogollon Monster Photo Breakdown

Bob Gymlan writes “This video is about a photo of an alleged bigfoot, taken in Arizona. Creatures of this description are known in the region as Mogollon Monsters–named after some infamous reports from the Mogollon Rim.

There are two competing origin stories for this photo–which I will expand upon in the video.

I don’t particularly like photo or video analysis because anything can be anything-else, but this particular photo has some fascinating details.”

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  1. Mark R

    Thanks, Wes. I really enjoy his videos. I really enjoyed the one about the sightings in Western Michigan near Grand Rapids and not just because it’s fairly local to me but because he took the time to interview the witness/participant in person. He didn’t dismiss the story just because it seemed preposterous. When you think about it all bigfoot encounters seem unbelievable on some level.

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