Feb 18

The Feeling Of Doom

A listener writes “I am writing to tell you about an encounter My wife and I had this past summer near Jarbidge Nevada on July 9th.

we live in Elko Nevada and have been in the area for about 40 years, I work for the office of the military Nevada national guard and have military clearance.

We usually go to Jarbidge at least once a year to ride ATVs camp and hike. and have for many years. on this particular trip we arrived to our camp spot in the morning having rode our side by side about 50 miles , we have camped in this spot many times in the past it is located in south canyon about 3 or 4 miles from the town of Jarbidge. we were excited to get our favorite spot and we set up camp and went fishing for the remainder of the day.

During the day I kept having the feeling of maybe we shouldn’t be here and was not as excited as when we first arrived. My wife also commented that things felt a little off. I also had the feeling of being watched .Anyway we caught some fish and went back to camp and spent the evening by the fire still feeling a little uneasy. we had camped in the same spot serval times in the past and never felt this way.

We went to bed around 10 pm. I awoke about 11 30 pm very frightened and almost paralyzed with fear. I crazy thing was I didn’t know why I was scared I have been camping and hunting my whole life sometimes alone . I am 56 years old and don’t scare easily. I also had a 357 magnum pistol next to me so I was not worried when we went to bed. As I was lying there awake try to figure what was going on I could smell a musty smell only as I can describe as the smell of gutting a deer. I did not notice the smell earlier. I should note that we were camped next to the Jarbidge river so it made quite a bit of noise . My wife and I were also in separate small backpacking tents as we were traveling very light in our UTV and I assumed that my wife was still asleep. As I was lying there still in an elevated state of fear at approximately 11 45 pm I heard a very loud yell like a WHOOP that sounded fairly close I have heard many animals in the wild including bears, cougar’s coyote’s. I have never heard anything like what I heard it sounded like it came from a very large animal, about 10 seconds later there was another WHOOP but you could tell it was further away. To me it sounded like the second whoop was answering the first.

The fear I felt was like none other it went right through me. At this point I yelled at my wife to see if she was all right, she was awake and heard the whole thing and was also very scared. we also had our dog with us a jack russle mix and he was freaking out and growling when he heard the noise. I got out of the tent with a flashlight and my pistol looks around and saw nothing. Eventually the smell was gone also. I stayed awake all night waiting for whatever it was to come back but it never did.

The thing about this encounter that hit us both was how scared we were and the feeling of doom. we did not have a vehicle to go get into as we just had the small side by side that had an open cab so it was a long night. In the morning we decided to pack up and go home even though we had planned on staying 3 nights.

After we got home and when we talk about the encounter, we still shudder at the fear we felt and cannot explain it.”

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  1. Amy H

    The kind of fear felt when Sasquatch is near is akin to being on the savanna and hearing elephants or big cats near…it’s a panic that’s indescribable. It’s a form of mental torture that you wouldn’t wish on another soul…..

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