Aug 15

The Face Was More Human

A listener writes “August 7, 2021 on the Alaska highway approximately 70km northwest of Fort Nelson British Columbia, Canada:

I was travel nursing in northern BC and decided to take a drive up to the Liard Hot Springs and back on my day off. I had never explored the northern Rockies before and was excited to do so. When exploring, it really hit me how rugged, untouched, wild and unforgiving the landscape was. It was tremendously beautiful.

On the way back to Fort Nelson from the hot springs I was approximately 70-75km north of Fort Nelson and I had just passed through an area called Steamboat. It was around 7:30pm.

All of a sudden, it’s like time slowed and I lost control of my vehicle. I found myself beginning to slow down. As I was slowing down. Something came crawling out of the right ditch almost army style and onto the road. Before I could make sense of it, it was up on two legs and limping/walking like it was injured across the road. This creature was between 7-8 feet tall. It was semi-transparent and I could see parts of it better than others. I could see the whole shape…just some parts of the creature were transparent.

Its profile was very similar to the creature from Harry and the Hendersons. Only the face was more human like. It had long gray/silver hair with black roots, and was very hairy in the shoulders and legs, but some parts of it were see through so I couldn’t tell every feature for certain.

By this time, I was stopped in the oncoming lane. I watched it limp across the road and walk into the trees on the other side. All the trees around moved as it went into the bush. Then it completely disappeared. I sat there for a while waiting to see if it would come back but it didn’t. The ground was such that I couldn’t see and footprints so I carried on.

When I met a friend I could trust that was a local I told her what happened. She looked concerned and said I’d seen a sand hill crane and not to worry. I didn’t want to seem crazy to my new friends and coworkers and being mentally fit is a requirement of my job so I kept my mouth shut, but I never forgot it. It was not a sand hill crane.

The crown land up there is the size of Ireland and mostly uninhabitable for humans…a great place for Sasquatch to hide.”

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