Nov 3

The Crypto Files – The Ahool

The Crypto Files take a look at an interesting flying cryptid from Indonesia. While there may be no accepted scientific data for the existence of the Ahool, there are numerous reports of the creature. The witnesses are seeing something that appears to be out of the norm for the area. Indonesia is home to the Dayak fruit bat and the Bartels’s wood-owl, but according the descriptions of the Ahool, these creatures are smaller in size and wingspan.


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  1. Frankie P

    Well, that is cool. I know that they are finding a lot of new animal species in Java as well as a lot of other “island paradise” places. Will be interesting to keep up with, maybe they’ll find one. That would be cool, and you know if it’s real, someone’s imported one as a pet or something – would explain some sightings different places. But, doesn’t sound like they can agree on what it really looks like which is strange.

    • Daniel S

      Your right the grey-headed flying fox is documented as the largest fruit bat in the fruit-bat family, but they are native to australia, if you have any info on them being discovered in different colours in different places, would be interested (h33r35

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