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The creature we saw had no clothing on..

I want thank Gumshoguy for sending me this account: “It was new years 1999. I was driving along #1 hwy with my brother his wife, my newborn and their 1yr old little girl.

We were heading back to Vancouver and made a random washroom stop beside Mooselake. It was a small rest stop sitting by the river. We already made a fuel stop in Jasper and didn’t want to make any more stops until we reached Kamloops. As we pulled in, there was a car sitting parked that looked abandoned, it sat in the direction of exiting the rest stop towards jasper way. We thought maybe the person just stopped for a sec to go back into the rest stop. I asked my brother to see if there was anyone there who may have left the car sitting running like the way we noticed with the doors wide open and igniton and headlights on. My brother took his family to the washroom.

I sat to settle my baby down and feed him, before we pulled in we had also noticed a trucker made a stop there a well. After they left for the bathroom, a guy had approached me at my window tapping on it, he was trying to get my attention in an urgent manner. I was startled and never opened the window for him. I was hoping he’d leave, he kept asking me to roll the window down and look towards where he kept pointing. I was too afraid to bother looking thinking he could’ve been a weirdo. So i avoided him best I could.

When my brother came back, I asked if anyone was in the bathroom who might have left the car sitting the way it was, he said nobody was around bc he looked for the person. Thats when the trucker immediately approached him to tell him what he was directing us to see. He told me he wasn’t trying to scare anyone but he wanted to clarify what he was seeing to assure he wasnt seeing things or going crazy.

We all looked to see what the urgency was it took our attention and breath away. It was something far taller and much larger than a person, it had fur and was dark in appearance, the arms fell much longer than anyone normally. It was pulling something that we noticed looked like a person up the snowy embankment above the road across the opposite side from the rest stop. Our jaws dropped and were frightened by what we seen.

It had to have been the person that left the car sitting idling. It gave everyone chills and the trucker told us he was going to report the car abandoned and person as missing. The creature we seen had no clothing on and what to appear as fur top to bottom. It was watching us watch him as he continued to pull what looked like a person up the hill. Right away we jumped into the car to get away from there before anything else occurred, the trucker also left immediately fast as we could go. While we drove away we had to pass along the embankment in the direction where we spotted what we believed was a Sasquatch. I looked out the back window sitting beside my newborn and niece scared outa my wits watching this creature running on top of the treed hill to our direction through the snow.

We drove as fast as possible to get out of there without making any stops, my brother was so afraid he was in tears and he’s a big brute of a man which left him feel a bit awkward after telling me he’s never experienced such a sighting in his life and never will travel BC highways again apparently this was his first time on the #1 highway. We didn’t bother reporting it bc we didn’t want people thinking we were crazy bc of so many skeptics then.”


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  1. Steven B

    So sad to read of such cases. I don’t imagine that, if he had family, they ever found out what happened to him.

  2. Spanky

    That’s one helluva story. My only problem with it is how can you not report a person being dragged into the woods? Coonbo has spoke of instances where abandoned vehicles have been found in the middle of highways running with nobody around.

  3. m99

    Why was the Sasquatch dragging the person, I wondered as I read this encounter. Since it’s so strong and all, why didn’t it just pick the body up and go? I wonder if the poor individual was alive or dead? Could it be the victim was frightened to death when the Sasquatch approached?

    Thanks Gum.

  4. Karen C

    Horrifying story, this is what nightmares are made up of. I hate rest stops, only go in if I see a few cars if not I hold it…

  5. greg o

    You should have yelled at it to STOP or banged an object anything to get it to drop what it was dragging, this person must have been the driver of the car and they just ran off? they may have been able to save this person by scaring it off but he must of been killed because these people were out of there, just don’t sound right to me to leave someone clearly in trouble.

    • Doug K

      I agree with you greg o. You have to put yourself in the position of the poor victim. Imagine if the guy was conscious and could see the people looking in his direction but not trying to help.

  6. Duane A

    I am a Canadian and this story made me embaressed. If they thought it was a person that was being dragged and they didn’t report it I hope they lay wake every night regretting it. It may not be a crime but it surely is pathetic.

    • Derek G

      Im Canadian as well and traveled those roads. I hate making these comments really but fear is no excuse for a bitch ass move of not reporting it. I wonder if it had of been a family member of theirs would they have just drove off without reporting it. I can see making some distance between my family and the immediate or proximate danger but to just drive off and say we didnt want to report it because they would think we were crazy. Someone should slap some common sense into them. Think about if it were you being dragged up a hill by a sasquatch and the people watching taking off…. “oh it must be the guy who left the car idling… scary.. ok let’s go.. hope the guy makes it out.” Remind me to use this as a litmus test for who i would never trust to have my back.

  7. Tom J

    It’s hard to know what I might have done in a situation like that one but reading about it is alarming and disappointing that no one had the courage or inclination to do anything other than run. Not reassuring in case something ever were to happen to me and there were bystanders who just drove away.

  8. Darren H

    Man that is just F@#$^&@! SAD.
    Couldn’t they have laid on the truck and car horns, started yelling, anything that could have possibly disrupted the abduction until more help drove up on the seen.

  9. Amy H

    Jeeze, what is wrong with people!! How could anyone walk away without attempting something? Reporting it ASAP seems intuitive….what was wrong with these people? Perhaps to this day, a family somewhere is still grieving over the loss of someone who was obviously never found.
    This is why I really don’t like people. Karma is a bitch and what goes around will come around. I don’t even wanna hear this story. It makes me sick just thinking about it.

  10. Bal G

    A disturbing story on so many levels. Reminds me of the coonbo or bear(not sure which one) talking about a guy on who is now in his 80s recounting a Dogman attack on a man and his son. Supposedly, the guy was going up river in his fishing boat and saw a large dog hunched on the riverbank staring at him. Luckily for him he was a good distance from the creature. 50 feet away from the creature, was a tent where a teenage boy and older gentleman emerged. The creature turned its attention from the fisherman to the man and the boy. It got on two legs and charged the two. The fisherman watched in horror as it mauled the man. He sped out of there, not knowing what happened to the boy. He kept silent about this encounter for 40+ years until his deathbed, where he finally told the encounter to his adult daughter.

  11. Shirley S

    This is one report I hope isn’t true. It’s absolutely horrific, and their failure to file a report is inexcusable! I hope the truck driver did, but it would surely have helped to have someone back up his story. They didn’t need to say it was a Sasquatch, if they were worried about being labeled nuts. They could have said a dark figure. I can forgive them for getting to safety if they were in shock and had kids with them, but they should have called the police as soon as they could get to a phone. The woman seemed like an unusually anxious person. She could have at least looked where the trucker was pointing.

  12. Gerald V

    I would be screwed up for life after that ,,,,,I tend to wonder if the Sasquatch was trying to lure more victims by letting them see the first victim. I often wonder that about road crossings . You would learn real quick if I let the person see just a glimpse of me as I run across the road they will get out of the vehicle and walk to edge of the woods. Just a thought…… many prayers for that victim.

  13. pam purple rose

    and one wondets why a lady in CA is standing up, to stop the reporting of BEARS and not allowing a sasquatch report to be filed…..
    Don’t think for a minute if the cowards had called in for help, reported a sasquatch pulling a person up a hill from their abandoned car, they would not have been told it was just a bear!
    Why didn’t they at keast grab the lic. plate no. and call relatives with the account?

  14. Frank T

    In episode 66 of Dogman encounters the fellow interviewed told about his uncles saying sometimes people were “snatched” out of their cars along the hi way or “snatched out of their homes if the door was unlocked.

    Rest areas are dangerous places and I’ve never really felt comfortable around them late at night. Everyone should be armed. It’s to bad no one had a gun so they could have thrown some lead at it and maybe scared it off.

  15. Knobby

    This family left and didn’t report anything but the truck driver said he was going to report it as a missing person.

  16. Glen K

    (New Jersey) While I agree with All of the above comments, I would also caution something. This was an anonymous report of something that happened years ago. While anyone can be less than truthful anytime and anywhere, there are reasons why I give much more credence to reports on sites like BFRO and Sasquatch Chronicles. BFRO sends an investigator to interview a person, and check out the area of the alleged encounter. When they feel a report is credible, they post it. When we read a report on SC, we know that Wes has interviewed the person, and used his knowledge and experience to vet that person. Again, this guarantees nothing, but from my viewpoint, adds an important layer of credibility to a given report.

  17. Amy D

    This is just so disturbing & sad on every level …. god I hope that wasn’t a man being dragged off….please no …

  18. Gumshoguy

    Data analytics pay dividends in the study of Bigfoots. Scouring, researching hunting and reading reports for tiny pieces that some say create an overall glimpse into the beast we call Bigfoot. I have seen reports or acocunts of hikers coming upon areas still marked off with the yellow plastic tape cautioning “Police Do Not Cross , ” why or how did this find its way in a remote isolated place anyways? I am familiar with the yellow crime scene tape used to mark off areas with potential evidence you do want disturb. Okay, so that’s not convincing enough for to consider these beast culpable of the unthinkable?

    Why do so many missing or found people lose clothing? Just wondering … Surely some may voluntarily disrobe for various reasons but I do not believe they all do. There have several reports of found torn ragged clothes on bushes or inside or underneath bushes and in one case of clothes in the tree branches of a tree in a remote isolated spot. Still not enough to consider this beast a threat?

    There are a number of instances of Bigfoot/ Sasquatch reported wearing some article of clothing. Yes that’s right. A dirty torn an tattered t-shirt two sizes too small on a hairy beast would a hocker. How about wearing a dirty torn dinning jacket, deer skins, a canvas tarp or a ski suit for heaven’s sake? Where would they get these items from?

    Do Bigfoots climb trees? [ Question asked, tongue in cheek]

    There are few reports of adults intervening in the last moment when they hear their child calling out in distrss only to be shocked to see the backside of gorilla looking beast fleeing the child. There are plaenty of mysterious disappearances of people leaving behind their vehicles for no apparent reason too. Research and study tells us Bigfoots are intelligent, clever and cunning. They possess the strength and dexterity to open locked vehicle doors, household exterior doors as well as those latches and locks used in barns and other stroage places.

    Am I suggesting BF’s are responsible for ever missing person? No, not at all. People go missing by hundreds each year under a variety causes i.e. muder, kidnap, suicidal, accidental, volunteer, other wild life predation, and perhaps other unworldy reasons too.

    No matter what you experience or what somebody reports there will likely be something hidden there between the lines remarking about the speed of these creatures always.

    I’ve got another report of a Bigfoot that tried to choke a man out while he was in his yard mowing his grass. A BF came up from behind, placing its hands over his eyes and mouth and when it tried to choke him without knowing the man was a martial arts master who did some quick moves throwing the beast off to the side.

    This reportedly occured to a full grown man. It was so unepxected, so out of the norm the witness says he actually thought it was some kind of playful joke when “somebody” placed their hands over his eyes. He peeked and seen hair and knew it wasn’t his friend, and by then the beast tring to choke him from behind. All this while his wife was inside talking on the phone unaware of what was happening in the back yard. Then think back about all the missing case you ever heard about.

    Think about that for moment.

    • Gumshoguy

      Hard time believing ? Perhaps that is why this it remains hidden from the greater public because most would have difficulty coming to terms with this sort of thing and it’s best it doesn’t ever receive acknowledgement.

  19. Trent M

    I agree with M99, after reading so many accounts and hearing 1st hand of bigfoot grabbing a 300 lb. hog and stepping over a fence I have a real hard time believing they would drag a person. 1st off it leaves way too much sign where as if they carry it and step carefully there is no sign. They would either throw it over their shoulder or tuck it under their arm. JMHO. I also believe if they didn’t want to report it as sasquatch all they had to do is say bear, it’s what it will be written up as anyway.

    • m99

      _agree, and agreed. It just doesn’t seem real because, 1. dragging, 2. no one could pick up a phone? How’d they like it if this happened to their kid, or parent, or friend? Or stranger on my watch! Just seems a little phony to me.

  20. Gumshoguy

    If Wes has the bandwidth and doesn’t mind clogging up the site here I coul easily esily load this message board with account upon account Bigfoot’s dragging deer, dragging this or that rather than carrying it, don’t be so naive people. As human beings we are fully capable carrying more than our weight, but very often we chose to drag or pull heavy weight especially if it’s convenient or easier.

  21. Knobby

    I’ve read several accounts of drag marks allegedly left by sasquatch, including possible humans. We really can’t take a cookie cutter approach and say sasquatches only do things one way.

  22. Linda P

    Im wondering if what they saw was just a sasquatch? Read the second to last paragraph again….it was coming after their car while they were driving out of there…sounds like the gugwe to me…while i would have reported what i saw i doubt if i would have had the balls to go after something that was as aggressive as this thing was

  23. Trent M

    Gumshoguy, since you are saying that you have read a lot of dragging reports and I know you are a respected investigator and a data collecting kind of guy so I have to give it real weight and reevaluate my thoughts on this. And for my own education I’d like to read a few if you have the time.

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