Feb 5

The Creature Was Looking At Me

A listener writes “I was 12 years old , year was 1978. I lived in Enumclaw and we always were going down the logging roads past the Weyerhaeuser Mill off of hwy 410.

My mom took us out in the woods to collect pinecones for seeds, camping, fishing, hiking, and mushroom hunting. One weekend my mom, sister and I were mushroom hunting. I was looking down and it occurred to me how quite the forest became. That was strange to me and I looked up .

Id say 50-60 feet in front of me was this creature standing by a medium size tree looking at me. Its right hand was holding on to the tree so its arm was outstretched. I couldn’t comprehend what kind of animal it was. I have no doubt of what I saw. Very tall, big, dark reddish brown long hair. I wasn’t scared. I just couldn’t comprehend what I was seeing. We just looked at each other. I don’t remember any face structure or smaller details.

I just know right in front of me there this tall creature was. I didn’t think it was a human. Way to much long hair all over its body. I called my mom and turned my head to find her. Turned my head back to see it and it was gone. I went and found my mom and sister and told them what I saw.

Neither of them made fun of me or anything just said well we don’t know what you saw and we carried on looking for chanterelles. I would go into the woods still after that but always stayed by someone.”

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