Nov 8

The Confessionals: Underground Base and Hadron Collider of Illinois

Tony writes “In Episode 492: Underground Base and Hadron Collider of Illinois, we are joined by the boys from Cryptids Of The Corn, Justin and Jay. They were originally in town to visit me in the studio with Joel from Kill The Mockingbirds and Erick from uNcomfortable podcasts for the recording of our Nephilim Portal Babies episode. Justin and Jay were the only ones of the bunch who had never been featured on The Confessionals so we wanted to give them the spotlight for a couple of hours!

Justin begins talking about a man he worked with who had discovered a secret underground facility deep under the O’Hare International Airport in Chicago. We discuss the possibilities of what this facility could be and why it is located in Chicago. Later Justin shares his experience discovering a hadron collider in Illinois as a wildlife biologist. What started out as a routine day of testing for “nerd stuff” in a local creek ended with armed men surrounding him and his team as they entered a location that doesn’t exist on Google Maps, but houses a secret hadron collider. We wrap up the conversation by discussing Justin’s family property and how they were tormented by bigfoot for nearly two years.”

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