Nov 22

The Confessionals: The Mothman Curse

Tony writes “In episode 496: The Mothman Curse we are joined by Cody Alford. He is a relatively new listener as he found the show on episode 468: The Oak Ridge Dogman Portals and realized that he lived very close to Merkel Media HQ.

He reached out to see if I needed any help in the audio production department because that is what he does for a living as he’s worked on popular TV shows and movies as a sound design engineer. Through talking with him I learned that he is into paranormal investigating and has a bit of a haunted family past. His parents are from Point Pleasant, West Virginia and it is said they are cursed because of their family lineage being from Point Pleasant. He comes on today for a conversation about his life and what paranormal things he and his family have gone through.”

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