Jun 28

The Confessionals: The Inverted World

Tony writes “In Episode 454: The Inverted World we are joined by Ashleigh from Australia for a two-part overtime episode. She has had a life filled with the paranormal and bizarre.

From “scribbled men” and the “black doorman”, to out-of-body experiences, to what I thought at first was a dogman but now with new knowledge I’ve gained since our recording I believe could have been a rake entity for lack of better terminology.

With all these things in her life, Ashleigh has been through a lot. Her most interguing encounter in this first hour is when she slipped into an inverted world where it was this world but different. She describes what she saw and what happened that left me feeling like I was talking to someone straight out of a “Stranger Things” episode!”

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  1. Jeffrey E

    Does anyone see a correlation/resemblance between the “supposed” Alien agenda and the NWO agenda we are currently experiencing? Is the great Tribulation upon us?

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