Oct 24

The Confessionals: The Dark Holler

Tony writes “On Episode 486: The Dark Holler we are joined by Ward Hiney who is the producer, writer, and director of the hit docu-series called, “Dark Holler.” Ward reached out to me last year to see if I would be interested in reviewing the first episode of Dark Holler, and we struck up a friendship. He became the main videographer for Merkel Media films as he has an extensive background in videography, which includes filming for Glenn Beck at The Blaze.

On Episode 486, Ward shares all about Dark Holler, and how a short trip to West Virginia to make a 15-minute video with a new camera rig turned into a five-episode docu-series gave him the realization that there is more to the spiritual realm than he ever could have imagined. UFOs. Poltergeists. Demonic possession. Premonitions from interdimensional psychedelic entities. Thin places in the veil. A paranormal parade of the highest strangeness in the lowest places. Old gods and ancient demons, names absent from the mouths of man for centuries, but are being uttered once more in reverence over backwoods altars. Could it all be connected? What if the truth lies beyond our predictable world, but closer than we think? Over our heads, under our feet. Maybe we only see what fits the rules we’ve chosen. Maybe it’s been in front of us the whole time. Deeper than we dream, darker than we imagine.

These are all things that with which Ward has been faced and had to come to grips with when he stumbled across a family that has a forgotten and not often talked-about history.”

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