Apr 9

The Confessionals: The Cern Connection

The Confessionals writes “In episode 641: The Cern Connection, Larry Ragland joins us to discuss CERN. He dives into the location and significance of CERN in Switzerland, including the presence of underground bunkers and Hitler’s artifacts.

He explains the demonic nature of CERN, its connection to Davos, along with the invention of the World Wide Web at CERN. Larry then explores the CERN whistleblowers and ponders the purpose of multiple colliders from CERN to Oak Ridge and more. He attempts to explain the mysteries surrounding ancient structures like Stonehenge and underwater structures.

Larry and Tony both dive into the purpose of CERN and the possibility of it being a portal to other dimensions. Lastly, Larry also touches on the significance of Mount Hermon and the Gates of Hell in relation to portals. They both highlight the preparation for a coming war and the existence of entities from other realms.”

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