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The Confessionals: Sacrificing To Kandahar Giant’s

The Confessionals writes “In Episode 623: Sacrificing To Kandahar Giants, we are joined by Ray who discusses his grandmother’s involvement in witchcraft in Kandahar, Afghanistan, and her interactions with the giants and Jinn. He recounts his father’s experiences and stories about his grandmother, who practiced witchcraft and was known to make offerings to giants in caves with livestock. Additionally, Ray shares accounts of Jinn encounters within his family, illustrating a deep-rooted generational connection with these supernatural entities. Tony and Ray explore the intersection of his family history, cultural legends, and personal experiences with the unexplained.”

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    • Ron S

      Here’s a video that I just discovered today that links some of my own experiences and the connection to Heaven and Hell, Angels and demons, aliens, ancient civilizations and modern times, the potential future, natural and unnatural, and much more…

      There are many clues to the truth that are obvious to see and overlooked by many, and other clues that you can find that aren’t obviously seen until you ask yourself what evidence is missing, such as (Why isn’t there any attention put on the 250+ pyramids in the poorest region in Africas Sudan?).

      I think when some people have different experiences they learn how to watch the hand of the magician that he doesn’t want you to notice… Something like that.

      Everything is connected it seems through things not everyone is aware of yet… Even the very fringe topics are connected to spirituality. Check this out with an open mind. It isn’t the answer but some very good indications and clues.


    • Ron S

      Steven S, Being negative or going through life with blinders on doesn’t answer life’s mysteries… I believe the truth is in fact “out there” as well. I really don’t understand peoples personal desires to comment negatively or try to separate everything in a an individual scientific box with an individual label to put on.

      You obviously didn’t even give the video a chance by commenting so quickly as I’m still watching it myself.
      I’m sorry you don’t have any desire to be open minded or seek answers within people’s personal experiences but you are entitled to your opinion as well. 🌞🙏🏼

          • Ron S

            Steven B. That could be, maybe I just overlooked it. I’m usually pretty good about noticing details like that but I’m definitely not perfect. I still think it’s hard to get anywhere in solving anything when people try and shoot down honest ideas and experiences tied to good intentions, then using nay sayings and nothing else to back it up with.

            I’d rather hear a good honest debate over hate.

            I did also find it odd that in the video I linked the guest made a connection to UFOs and coyotes, as I just experienced something similar last night and even commented on it yesterday in a different post.
            That part was really surprising in this video for me that I watched just this morning today but goes right in line with many other synchronicities I’ve had lately.

  1. Ron S

    I think people might want to be aware that sometimes you may experience synchronicities from more spiritual realms that you may not have never talked, wrote or commented about… Those are truly strange.

    Then you may experience a different synchronicity coming from some info stolen by your technology by listening/spying on you or what you type, then giving you certain video recommendations (which is likely what happened with this UFO/coyote/owl interpretation). It’s still strange it did come up with a match though.

    My gut feeling is that it goes to prove that AI is likely linked to something evil and is mocking the spiritual side of life that people should realize does exist outside of the scientific boxes in the real world.

    People are meant to be guided by good intuition and experiences, meanwhile technology is trying to handicap that from us, slowly robbing us from many of our other abilities or blessings by adding too many comforts for us to rely on or simply misleading us by not giving us the full truth.

    Media is already getting more difficult by the day to search references for the truth and getting muddled with theories, bad ideas or entertainment.

    If technology was turned off suddenly in the near future you’d have a whole lot of people without the know how, faith, abilities or skills to properly carry on, survive or even be civil or trusting of each other. Pretty obvious don’t you think?

  2. Ron S

    So here’s my second synchronicity today after being surprised by my video I linked, that (at the time) didn’t even know there would be this owl plus the coyote connection yet.

    My second experience today was through prayer and asking for many good things for everyone but also asking that I be given better sight both physically and spiritually, to better determine good spiritual signs from negative ones.

    I immediately go outside on a walk to test my sight, and it seemed maybe a little better without corrective lenses but nothing major. A worn sign with lettering grabs my attention like I’m supposed to take note and read it but I can’t quite see it that well. I take two or three more steps towards it and it comes into focus… “caution blind intersection”.

    The way it grabbed my attention was like a different feeling you get when you know it’s something important. So I start thinking about it in ways of (people coming to blind intersections) of fear with spirituality and so on… It wasn’t until I told my fiancé about it later that she reminded me of the algorithm likely showing me this video as I recently commented on the same thing yesterday and it probably matched my words to the transcript (that made sense)… That’s when I realized what the sign on the trail meant. It was referring to the “blind intersection” signs we need to be aware of between true spiritual signs and the false ones through technology.
    So there you go.

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