Oct 9

The Confessionals Podcast: The Forest Lights

Tony writes “On Episode 92, we have a two-part show for you! First, guest Tony joins The Confessionals to describe a time when he went hunting and witnessed a very strange light in the woods that captured his undivided attention.

Following Tony’s interview, second guest Carey shares the many paranormal experiences she has had throughout her life – and she ups the creepy factor by telling her story from the middle of a graveyard!”







5 Responses to “The Confessionals Podcast: The Forest Lights”

  1. Denise F

    It’s so puzzling why these lights/orbs are so far out in the forest (and in areas where other strange things occur).

    The guest describes it shining on him which is different from an orb,I think, but it’s all so bizarre.

  2. Mauri G

    First guest describes blue flash of light and second guest describes blue flash that was told that’s when her Angels are watching her. Interesting ???

  3. Curtis R

    Tony I wish you had asked a simple question: did the light that shine on him “sweep” across him, moving in any direction, or was it a still strobe that was precisely aimed at him without any lateral movement.
    I think the answer to that question would be important.

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