Nov 29

The Confessionals Podcast: Higher Entities

Tony writes “The Lost Tapes is a bonus show to get you through your Black Friday shopping rituals! We are bringing back the production crew from Fourth Watch Films to talk about their new documentary called “Higher Entities: The Lost Tapes.” Chad Riley found some interesting things on the FBI’s vault that lead down a wormhole of thought, conspiracy, religion and government control, all circling these higher entities known as aliens. Join us as we hold a discussion of all these things with Justen Faull, Wes Faull, and Chad Riley!”

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    • Brad D

      I would love to hear a NON BIAS version of this subject……cant get into religious people who shun or act scorned if we complain about religion or faith THEN trash another faith…lol….its a bunch of clicks that are nothing more than big business praying on those who seek the truth…..non bias please…great topic but need other guests than what was here

      • Oliver R

        Interesting you would limit a presentation and or comment about a spiritual circumstance to exclude a religious/spiritual presenters.
        ALL world views are exclusive in their beliefs. Either by insisting in a exclusive points OR insisting all dogmas must be received as correct and relevant.
        Panthiesm for example is exclusive because it insist all perceived deities must be recognized as real, to not accept that is false therefor pantheism is exclusive.

        We either are a spiritual being tied to something outside of our known reality or we’re not.
        The only thing that can be said about that reality outside ours we can be certain of is that this other reality must be true to its own laws or reality.
        I guess my point is exclusivity is inherent in virtually everything. Its more matter that sometimes exclusivity is just harder to accept because it demands a choice.

  1. Cathy S

    Jesus Jesus Jesus sweetest name I know. Yes people who say cryptic are flash and blood. Which I believe they are but they also can be demons as well. Best show ever Tony.

  2. DONNA G

    OMG !!! Ever since I started listening to this Podcast, I have been biting at the bit to just post my response to it. But, I decided to wait until I finished listening to it. Everything they said is what I have been learning for the last 2 years by following Q. The information that Q has been “dropping” along with what People on 8Chan and The Great Awaking been investigating and
    sharing has been along the same things that Tony’s guests were saying about how many Satanists were in the Federal Government, the Vatican and other Denominations of Religion. Famous People in Politics, the Music Industry and Hollywood and the MSM. It also included the Royal Families, the 13 ancient bloodlines that are still practicing Evil in the World now. It Includes Human Trafficing, Child Trafficing, Child Sacrificing and so much more that it is hard to reveal without sounding like a nut job conspiracy theorist. That’s what the MSM is calling Q and the People who follow Them. they don’t want the info known to the general public that will expose Famous People and People we see on TV every day. Q said that most People could only tolerate knowing 40 % of what was REALLY going on in the World or they would be in the Hospital. That includes info about Alien or Demon Activity also. Think what really was going on at Pedo Island and why the Vatican in the late 1960’s had an auditorium built that looks like a Serpents Head inside and from outside and they stand on a stage that not only has the face of a Snake behind them, but has a statute representing Jesus that looks like his head resembles a Serpent also. Call me a little nutty because I believe in Bigfoot and Satanic Activity, because I believe in the Bible and that we are in the end times which could still be a long way off because we have to go thro some things before the end….including the Great Deception by Satan. This Podcast just confirmed so much of what I have learned in the last 2 years. I have read more in the last 2 years than I read in all 12 years of school. It was a great show Wes/Tony and hopefully will open the eyes of People who listen to it.

    • Cindy B

      You really summed that up well Donna, and I agree. Everything you said, ditto here. Thanks Tony! Best most enlightening, ever. I love the Jesus Jesus Jesus part the most. What an awesome way to let the powers that be know Who has all the greatest power!

  3. LaVonne J

    Great show Tony. I shared with my brother. I’ve had quite a few Catholic friends in my lifetime, and visited their church or basilica with them. I think it was their hope this heathen Baptist (one’s mom actually called me a heathen…I told her yes, I AM one of those pesky Protestants) would come into Catholic faith. Wasn’t happening. But I DID see Catholics enjoy being fully immersed literally into the Baptist faith as adults.? I rarely felt comfortable in their services. Everything was too ceremonial and exacting. One of my friends ‘confessed’ to me that she never confessed thru a priest but went straight to the Father herself. She also refused “the blood” in communion because of the communal cup. We worked in the health field and know only to well how hepatitis and other awful diseases are spread. Basically, she was a baptism away from being a Protestant ?.

    Until recently I always shied away from alien and UFO talk because it left me with an uncomfortable feeling. I now know it was the Spirit letting me know these were malevolent beings, the same as demons. Once I realized that, it became clear what would be coming down the pike in a one world religion. Just a few years ago I began to have things happen at my parents property when I stayed there. It turned out to be sasquatch related. I have a feeling they’re a part of the same physical yet spiritual world. Sure they’re fairly benevolent now, but what happens when they’re no longer held in check. As a matter of fact, not as much has happened since I prayed over the property….asking for blessings and protection from corner to corner and from under the earth to the skies. It’s a long story and that’s all I’ll go into. But the power of prayer and the blood of Jesus is amazing. I still feel their presence once in a while as they watch me and my dog, but I don’t experience the dread I once had.

    Keep the great shows coming. Can’t wait to get the DVDs mentioned here.

  4. Brad D

    soooooo…if you know all about whats going on then you end up in the hospital or dead but wait…here are my dvds I am selling that explains it all….lol….people…believe but be wish and take time….we are sheep to the masses so dont make it that easy for them…PLEASE

  5. Lethia B

    Awesome show Tony. It’s good to know we still have people who are willing to speak out against the status quo. It did, however, make me a litte nervous hearing about the “Collins elite”. My maiden name was Collins! (Just saying). ?

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