Nov 16

The Confessionals: Paranormal 911

Tony writes “In Episode 494: Paranormal 911 we are joined by Christian B. Roper who is the director of Merkel Media’s new film! He’s been working in Tennessee with Tony for a few weeks on the editing process of the film and they decided to sit down and talk about some of the strange things that have been happening since he arrived.

One night while working late in the studio alone, something happened to Christian that almost resulted in the police being called to the studio in an emergency call to 911. And to top it off, Christian wasn’t the only one with a wild night. Brent Thomas from Paranormal Portal was having an identical situation happen to him and the guys call him up to talk about it. Then after that wild night at the studio, Christian and Tony were at his house around 10pm taking the trash out when they had an interaction that left them feeling like they just had an encounter with a local witch. They heard crying, chanting, and laughing, but what got them scared enough to retreat to the house was when they heard someone say to them, “Hello.” They were able to catch this interaction on recording and they will be playing clips from the recording and discussing them on today’s show!”

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