Sep 20

The Confessionals: New World Order’s Most Hunted Journalist

Tony writes “In Episode 478: New World Order’s Most Hunted Journalist, we are joined by legendary journalist Shepard Ambellas. Shepard runs, which was at one time one of the most trafficked websites on the internet. That all changed when he started digging into stories that put a target on his back (literally), and flipped his life upside down and on the run.

Shepard was turned on to The Confessionals by a friend who wanted him to listen to a fan favorite episode, #122: Secret Military Enochian Technology. He was so impressed by the story he wrote an article about it and posted it on intellihub. That article got over 6,000 shares and made its way back to us. We were able to connect with Shep about coming on The Confessionals.”

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