Jan 11

The Confessionals: Native American Battle House

Tony writes “In Episode 407: Native American Battle House, we are joined by Jenny. She and her ex-husband bought their first home in 2003. Almost from the time they moved in, weird things started to happen, like hearing a voice through the baby monitor that talked to Jenny’s infant son and knocks on Jenny’s brother’s bedroom door. As time went on, she also saw shadow people, orbs and things that moved on their own; heard footsteps and conversations that stopped as she approached; and witnessed a full body apparition. But it was not until her son had experiences that left him too scared to sleep that Jenny finally contacted a paranormal team to investigate the house. She had hoped they could provide a rational explanation for the things that were happening around her, but that would not be the case. The team informed her that not only was she experiencing paranormal activity, but whatever the source of the activity really was, it was not very nice. Following the investigation, Jenny and her family blessed the house and contacted a shaman, a second paranormal team, a touch psychic, and a medium – but despite their intervention, the paranormal activity remained so strong they ultimately ended up abandoning their home completely.”

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