May 10

The Confessionals: High Strangeness In New Mexico

Tony writes “High Strangeness In New Mexico we are joined by Raul. He brings a lot of stories to the table today ranging from giants, bigfoot, UFOs, demons, and witches getting possessed on purpose as part of their process of getting rid of evil spirits.”

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  1. Ken K

    Is it a West Coast thing to say the word ‘Like’ 2.5 trillion times per minute? I was fascinated by this guys story but couldn’t continue listening due to the # of times he said the word ‘Like’. I tried counting but lost track at 127 at the 14 minute mark. I don’t know why, but it’s very difficult (if not impossible) for me to listen to interviews where people overuse the word Like.

  2. Patricia B

    I must say I liked the Story Raul told about Northern New Mexico. I heard some of his stories myself, but Raul adding a lot more. I happen to live in Southern New Mexico. I am between Roswell and the Sacramento Mountains. Raul mentioned Billy the Kid which is where I live now in a small Village that the Kid would visit. He stopped often to water the horses due to the ditch water that runs through our properties. The house next door is where Billy would go hide from Pat Garrett. The house is still standing today. The stories goes, that when he was on the run he come here and the people in the Village would feed and hide him. One day, Billy was eating a burrito with the lady of the house next door, when Garrett showed up. Garrett walked in, asked the woman if she seen the kid? she said NO. As Garrett walked around inside the house, their was no sign of the kid. Garrett came back and asked if shes alone, she said Yes and then he asked her again, have you seen the kid? she said NO. Then Garrett said, then why is their two burrito plates on the table. Long story short, the Kid was hiding inside the fireplace hanging upside down. Today, there is a large gold plate that’s attached and hangs in front of the fireplace by the State of New Mexico giving dates and so forth. This area is historical with many more stories to tell. I agree with Raul, New Mexico is special in it’s own way.

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