Dec 6

The Confessionals: Episode 500 Sasquatch Saga

Congratulations to Tony Merkel on hitting 500 episodes. Tony writes “In Episode 500: Sasquatch Saga – The Friendship, The Killing, and The Coverup, we are joined by Randy!

Recently, Randy has been recovering memories of a childhood he never knew he had. As he recovers his memories, he has been able to piece together an astonishing story about a juvenile bigfoot that befriended him and his childhood friends – a friendship that would come with consequences. As their comfort with the creature grew, they became less and less aware of each other’s differences.

Then one day, when Randy and the juvenile sasquatch known as Mike were playing, Mike acted in a way that scared Randy. In turn, Randy’s fear confused Mike and caused him to lash out abruptly, engaging them in a physical struggle. Their struggle caught the attention of both an adult Sasquatch nearby and Randy’s father. Through a series of unfortunate events, Randy was left nearly naked, Mike was shot dead, and soon the government moved in to cover up the whole incident.

To erase all traces of what happened, the government hypnotized nearly everyone involved in the events, but the work they performed on Randy seems to be wearing off sooner than they expected. Now, Randy is on a mission to track down all the parties involved, confront them, and prove that Sasquatch is not only real but also nothing to be feared.”


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