Feb 7

The Confessionals: Close Encounters Of The Sexual Kind

The Confessionals writes “In Episode 518: Close Encounters Of The Sexual Kind we are joined by Midnight Mike from the OBDM podcast! Mike and I have been wanting to do a show together for a while and our schedules finally aligned.

When talking to Mike about what we wanted to discuss there was a ton of directions we considered but we decided to go the route of sexual abductions. This is a subject that tends to be neglected a lot and should be considered more as to why these “beings” would want to have sexual encounters with humans. Is there something special about us that they desire or need? Over the years my perspectives on these topics have evolved and the idea of sexual alien abductions has played a significant role in where I am in my thinking today.”

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  1. Linda B

    Wes, appreciate your willingness to turn over every stone in the pursuit of learning more about these mysterious beings. I am at a conclusion that part of the sasquatch dna could be alien and part human which leads me to think this is the reason for these types of abductions. My opinion is always changing and I certainly didn’t start out thinking that way, but I have experienced right along with you over 900 SC episodes alone, and like yourself heard countless other stories told by people exposed to this cryptid subject, and I think aliens are a special type of demon reserved for the last days.
    That reminds me, has anyone heard the You Tube accounts of demonic screams and associated chains rattling from the empty bottom of the Euphrates River? More end times stuff.

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