May 10

The Confessionals: Caught on Tape?

Tony writes “On May 14th we will release an episode that may have had an EVP come through while recording. What do you think?”


8 Responses to “The Confessionals: Caught on Tape?”

  1. m99

    Yeah, that was weird. But I’ve also heard miscommunication of the terrestrial kind coming through as in “cross-wired”. But, most people don’t have hard wired communiques these days. Looking forward to this one. Thanks Wes.

  2. Joe C

    I heard exactly what Tony did, its strange that the guest didnt. Or maybe listening to this with headphones made it easier to hear what happened. But to as what it was? Who know.

  3. Debbie C

    0:06 I hear a phone ring then a woman’s voice say oh ha? I don’t think it’s Paranormal.
    I think it’s an odd phone glitch on Tony’s side. Sometimes the other party cannot hear
    what is coming through the phone lines.

  4. Denise F

    Tony has some weird issues regarding the phone-
    Wasn’t it DW and Tony that accidentally called each other??
    Tony, you may have some ability that you have yet to figure out….but figure it out…..TLC will pay you a fortune,lol. Very weird.

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