Jun 15

The Confessionals: Animal Mutilations

Tony writes “In Episode 347: Animal Mutilations, we talk with Mark and then Amber about the bizarre experiences they’ve each had. After his grandfather passed away, Mark moved into his grandfather’s house as a young boy, where a lot of weird things happened to him. What scared him the most was a night as a teenager, when he woke up to see the imprints of hands making their way across his bed! Following Mark’s stories, Amber tells us about strange animal mutilations occurring in her area. She also describes how something once coaxed her up a mountainside, moving further and further up the mountain the closer she tried to get to it. Later on, Amber was called back to the same area as part of a search-and-rescue team for a man who was discovered frozen to death; upon witnessing the scene, she was left wondering if whatever thing had been drawing her up the mountainside was responsible for that man’s death.”

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