Nov 15

The Alaska Triangle: UFO Reports

Quest TV writes “The Alaska Triangle is home to the most alien sightings per capita than anywhere else in the United States. Here are some of the most shocking alien reports, with hard evidence to support them.”


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  1. Ron S

    The real mystery is how I can talk or message someone about some obscure Native American hunting strategy and then immediately get a recommendation for a YT video on exactly the same thing.

    I mean, technology for that purpose can be helpful which is fine, whatever. But things run so much deeper and darker. I know how it likely works with AI gathering information from any device at any moment, but you’d think people who have control over it would configure the programming to use this technology for a constant source on the side of true good… Such as first of all find sicko’s and get these people away from the technological tools that are helping to spiral humanity downwards. Is the almighty dollar buying temporary comforts in a temporary lifetime really worth condemning an eternal human soul?

    Get off your rear ends watchers (AI), lead these people to recommendations for some help, or simply just filter the garbage online that people are infecting others with and down the line to others which keeps perpetuating darkness to more of those who then unknowingly or knowingly setting more traps for more of these diabolical rabbit holes that feeds dark things.

    Even talking about negative things can draw interest to these things by people that either become aware and then curious, while are ignorant or unaware of how the spiritual world works. I won’t be specific as to any one thing with dark energy because the majority of people still know the basics of it, which is knowing what is right and what is wrong (don’t we?).

    Ufos, creatures, just all distractions and slight of hand to the real problems at hand that aren’t being addressed, ones that we could actually start to solve (unlike the unexplained). It’s so blatantly obvious I pray more people wake up.
    Are you not entertained enough yet?
    God Bless SC family, and also everyone. 🌞🙏🏼

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