Apr 29

The Alabama Albino Bigfoot, Or Something Else?

There is a very peculiar creature said to roam the mountains and forests of Alabama. It has been told in stories and legends that have been prevalent since the 1930’s, and has intrigued me since I was a boy.

The Alabama White Thang The sightings of the White Thang are predominantly In the areas between Morgan, Etowah, and Jefferson Counties there comes the great legend of The Alabama White Thang. The white thang is a 7 foot tall biped covered in white hair. Some specific areas it has been sighted are around Happy Hollow, Walnut Grove, Moody’s Chapel and the Wheeler Wildlife Refuge. The Creature is said to move at extreme speeds, and is said to make eerie screeching sounds like a woman screaming. Some say the scream sounds like that of a panther.

I have heard some screams like this myself, one was on the out skirts of Bass Cemetery. One of my friends was with me, and they told me to get in the car immediately, as I was walking toward where I heard the sound. Most people speculate that the White Thang is an Albino Bigfoot, Bear, Dogman, or Werewolf type of creature. Others describe something quite different as well, almost looking like some kind of 7 or 8 foot white kangaroo with a human head. In Huntsville, Alabama the phrase Alabama white thing describes it as a humanoid possibly extraterrestrial figure sighted in caves or drainage ditches in Jones Valley, along the Governors Drive and on Monte Sano Mountain. They describe the creature as having no eyes or ears, and being completely white. To me it reminds me of stories of “the rake” , a similar creature that is said to live deep down in the sewers. There also have been Bigfoot sightings on Monty Sano Mountain.

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  1. Bryan G

    Interesting. We also have a back road here in east Tennessee that is called ” White Thing Road”. A police officer that I knew years ago claimed to have seen something out there. One night me and my friends also had a strange encounter on that road. It would be interesting to see if there are similar story’s out there.

  2. Jim C

    Very interesting since I live outside Huntsville and work on the Redstone Arsenal and drive over Monte Santo off 231 going to Lake Guntersville to fish. Literally 25 minutes from my house. Never heard anything on local news or any “folklore” about this occurring. I’m not saying its untrue just first time I’ve heard of this. Now “Coonbo” has stated encounters west of Florence near Lake Pickwick which that land gets more remote as you go west into that bordering part of N Miss off rt 72. There are miles of just pine forest along that route to Memphis, I can see them able to live and stay relatively undetected.

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