Oct 15

Taken By The Bear: The Disappearance of Casey Hathaway

Top Mysteries writes “Today we’re going to be having an extensive look at the disappearance of Casey Hathaway. It was then made even stranger when he was found because he started to say some very questionable and interesting things about spending time with a bear in the woods.”

8 Responses to “Taken By The Bear: The Disappearance of Casey Hathaway”

  1. Thomas J

    This in interesting but the host is blatantly rude in the statement that Degrees C is the correct way to measure temperature. If an American said that Degrees F is correct and not Celsius than that person would be considered rude. Oh well just goes to show wankers are everywhere.

    • Stephen R

      Have to remember that people from the UK and other countries use Celsius and not Fahrenheit as a way to measure temperature , Not everything is the same as the American way !!
      Oh well , just goes to show that wankers are everywhere

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