Oct 16

Survivorman Bigfoot | Bob Gimlin

Les writes “So I’ve been sitting on this one. Never before seen – this is my full length chat with the legendary Bob Gimlin of the Patterson Bigfoot footage fame. Captured during the making of Survivorman Bigfoot.”

3 Responses to “Survivorman Bigfoot | Bob Gimlin”

  1. LUCAS P

    Bob comes across as genuine and interesting. Les Stroud on the other hand comes across as insipid and phony. No wonder I never liked him or his shows. I met Gimlin in Santa Cruz, CA and he was just as friendly and nice in person. I told him that he’d missed his calling, he should have been a radio announcer because of his deep voice. He laughed and then turned his attention to my wife and forgot all about me lol.

  2. Michael C

    Stepping onto a trailhead in the Sierras I asked the oncoming hiker how he liked his gaiters He launched into a tremendous amount of information. He gave me time and attention over and above what my quick question deserved. We could hear a big group of about twenty people talking. He then said his friends were in the parking waiting for him because he was talking to people on the trail … again. There is more to the story but you get the idea. It turned out the man I asked about the gaiters was Les Stroud. Les is a guy who spends time talking to people who ask pretty basic questions. I hope I can do as well when I have an opportunity. Les is definitely cool and genuine.

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