Sep 5

Sundays Show: Nephilim Conspiracy Reloaded

Gary Wayne, author of The Genesis 6 Conspiracy returns to the show. I highly recommend his book if you are into this topic, it is very well written. I invited Gary back to the show to do a follow up on the topic plus I had additional questions for Gary. Join us on Sunday for this follow up conversation, we will be discussing some more modern topics from his book and some of the info might shock you.


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  1. Tyler D

    Wes, I’m with you on sasquatch being being a flesh and blood animal. I think there’s a simpler explanation to what they are then what some people believe they are but I respect everyone’s opinion cuz they are entitled to it just as I am. Besides there really isn’t enough information known on these animals to say one way or another as to give a definite answer as to what they are. But I actually really enjoyed that last episode on the Nephilim, it’s so fascinating to hear people’s perspectives and opinions as to what these animals are. Got to keep an objective stand point and an open mind especially in this topic. I’ll never understand why some researchers won’t listen to other’s opinions and keep a one track mindset in a topic that is very outside the box to the general public to begin with, it’s almost hypocritical in a sense

  2. Robert W

    Hi all- I took a Bible study years ago at my Church, and you should read Genesis 6:1-22 before the show. Not once did anyone in our group- one who was a Bible scholar…suggest BF as the Nephilim. We related them as large humans…actually I think it is creepy…


    Wes. I always enjoy your offerings.
    I also respect your decisions to not be completely hemmed in to strict and closed minded thinking. Such is unrational.
    Those who are disappointed may simply tune out.
    If unsatisfied customer please save your money and un-member. Simple.

  4. Rick F

    Although I do not agree with the authors book in general,it never amazes me how people get so twisted out of joint when the bible is introduced in anything related to BF or the origen of life. The Word of God will either enlightened positive volition or bring out the worse in negitive volition. The author has no understanding of the original languages of the bible and to my knowledge has no theological academic background either , which imo , disqualifies him from making any inroads of what the bible is saying. There is a science to studying the bible. It takes years of seminary and post doctorate studies to even be remotely prepared to translate and then interpret the bible, let alone having the gift of pastor-teacher. So when a novice (by the standards just mentioned) looks into the bible and calls it an exhaustive study on his part, to me it’s a well meaning person with good intentions dabbling into something that is way out of his pay grade.

    • Kent C

      Rick F. …..So let me see if I have this straight: ……Your Bible, which is supposed to be the inspired word of God intended for all of humanity, is really only truly understood by a few elite scholars??

      There must be precious few people in your version of Heaven!

  5. Robert W

    Great points Rich F….

    I always reflect on Ecclesiastes 3:1 in these situations. “To everything there is a season, and a purpose for every matter under heaven.” So there is a reason for his research, this show, the topic etc…figuring that out is the challenge! Have a great Sunday everyone!!

  6. Jonathan B

    I heard there is a new DNA study about to come out soon . it is separate from Melba Ketchum study(I miss spell her name). The way I understand Melba study is mother DNA is human ,Nuclear DNA givies more information about father side which is unknown. I agree with wes she doesn’t do well during interviews but understand she has lost alot on this deal .

  7. Jay Carlsen

    Well I LOVE IT ! Though I am of Opinion that ‘Esau’ is the Sasquatch People of the Forest . It just ALL FITS . I think these Nephilim are the Gods of old . Norse Gods KNEW they were going to Die . Odin paid his left Eye for it . ( Why he only drank after that , did not Eat Food – He just tossed that to the wolf’s under his Chair .)

  8. Janet P

    Really intriguing show, Wes, thanks–sometimes it’s good to stretch our brains outside the box and consider, just for a moment, that there is much more to this world than we think there is.
    As Rich F. pointed out–and I haven’t read this book nor Genesis: what are the author’s credentials? How does he back up his theories? Does he have inside info and if he does, where is it from? Is it reliable? Jeff Sharlet, an investigative journalist, wrote about a similar topic several years ago in “The Family.” You can go here
    to review this and other books by this fine writer and put more of the pieces together of this world puzzle. Gary Wayne speaks authoritatively enough, yet I want to know more of his own research and investigations.

    To me, the bottom line is this: Where do we go from here? What do we do with this “knowledge” if in fact it is so? It’s one piece of a whole picture that each person experiences in unique ways. I believe, and belief is always subject to change even from minute to minute, that we, as human beings, are here to learn discernment and wisdom and use both in the way we live each day, each decision at a time. This means that we recognize in ourselves the potential to become more than what our perceived limitations allow us to be.

    We have free will and we can choose to limit ourselves in all kinds of ways. Those who run the world, according to the book, l see as limiting themselves with the burden of their choices. They aren’t allowed to choose any other way.. What if an Illuminati, or Bloodline or whomever, said, “You know, I’m sick of all this secrecy, it’s dumb and limiting, time to share…” How far would they get?! You and I, we at least have the free will to say “What a bunch of crap” or “This is bizarre and disturbing.” And everything in between. But I’m rambling, sorry.

    I don’t usually comment, so thanks for reading this, this is a lot longer than I intended. Wes, thank you for your hard work and curiousity. We all benefit from it.

    • Janet P

      Jeez, I hope that made sense… what I was trying to say is that non-intereference in our free will is critical to learning what we need to know. So is all this top-heavy world-ruling structure supposed to help us by limiting what we know?

  9. Tam C

    Excellent show and interview. Many thanks to Gary Wayne and Wes for going down this road. I know from researching myself, as others have done so too… that this type of research takes a tremendous amount of cross referencing from ancient scripture, to books written prior, especially texts left out of the biblical collections. (very frustrating) And the icing on this cake is when you need translations for more than one language.

    But it stocks you up with a far more entertaining library… as History becomes Legend… and Legend becomes Myth.

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