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Strange sounds coming from the forest

A listener writes “Hey Wes was gonna tell mine and my step dads encounter in the winter of 2014 in south Alabama it’s not major like everyone else’s encounter but it got me into the Bigfoot and Sasquatch subject .

In 2014 me and my step dad was hunting in Gosport Alabama which is really close to the Alabama river . It’s a big family hunting club with about 20 members but so happen that weekend it was just me and my step dad hunting and this particular year they had been logging the Area around our camp. I’m thinking that’s what maybe drove what ever it was towards our camp.

Well that evening I was going to hunt a piece of property across the main high way 84 it’s a really good hot spot if you’re wanting some deer meat on the ground and my step dad was going to hunting the mut field which is really close to the camp well before he almost got to the tree stand he decided he wasn’t going to hunt cause he usually hunts all season and he’d had enough for that day and he was just going to go back and cook supper. He was in his ezgo golf cart also which is super quiet well he was about 10minutes away from camp or so .well there is a hill right up from his camper so right as he’s about to pass his camper something let’s off a loud roar or holler well he didn’t think much on it he said well when he got stopped passed his camper now it roared again this time he said the hairs on his neck started standing . And Wes my step dad has never felt uneasy or scared of any animal but he said this time something was different so he grabbed his 7mm Mauser and slowly walked around the camper and looked up the hill it was around 4:00 or 5:00pm it was getting dark and just could see up the hill he said he didn’t see anything or hear anything run off.

He said it weirded him out so he went in the camper and lock the door for awhile . Like I said he’s never been scared before but what ever this was spooked him. Well around 6:30 – 7:00pm I arrived back at camp with a small meat buck.

He may have had 3-4 pts on his antlers I dropped him by the skinning rack which is about 40-50yrds from his camper. He was just finishing supper grilled pork chops . Well we go in to sit down and eat supper and as we are eaten he said hey earlier I had something holler at me that sounded like someone trying to make a coyote sound . I said huh ? With kinda a puzzled look on my face saying a coyote? He said yeah it screamed at me twice . I said aw that’s probably one of the guys messing with you who’s up here? He said no one else is up here. He said it was strange cause I walk around the camper and didn’t hear anything or see anything run off that part of it really spooked him . Well we finished our supper and I realized I had to skin the deer and now he had done had me spooked a-little I said you going to help me skin the deer he said I think I am going to take a nap I said all man come on well he came out there well right as we are about to start he says I got take a sh*t well I said what ever.

Well the camp is surrounded by a giant cow pasture that kinda circles the camp yard like a horse shoe well as I was finishing to skin the deer I hear loud foot steps like something is running the cows and then all of a sudden I hear the foot steps getting closer to me so I turn around with the 7-8inch knife in my hand like I’m about to see someone come up on me and I stop and look and I don’t see anything and didn’t hear anything else after that lucky I was almost finished skinning the deer my step dad shows back up and I told him what was going on and he said well it’s probably a coyote running the cows or something.

Kinda made me feel better but what I heard sounded heavier. Well we cleaned everything up and went to sleep made sure to lock all our doors that night. Well I was interested in looking up what my step dad heard and when I typed in weird screams I found the Bigfoot screams on YouTube and I let my step dad hear some of those and one in particular that he heard a look just came on his face and he said that’s what I heard right there. The name of the video is “Bigfoot 1994 Ohio Howls.”

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  1. Greg S

    This is not very far from where I grew up! That area would certainly be perfect for those critters. I’ve heard the “Ohio Howl” back home in Bama and thankfully it was not very close. That’s what prompted my interest in the subject because I knew of no animal back there that could make that sound. Good story!

  2. Cindy W

    I’m not surprised at all being that this land is so close to Conecuh County where there have been many sightings. The people of Conecuh County claim to be the Bigfoot County of Alabama. I think it’s because that’s where the best sausage in the USA is made!! Who wouldn’t want to be in Conecuh County to smell that good sausage!! I’ve heard of Bigfoot sightings all over Alabama but in your area, there are many sighting reports coming from Monroe County! The big guys are there so be careful and aware of your surroundings when out in the woods.

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