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  1. Thomas B

    Joe M has it right. With a very HIGH degree of probability, I would say that what is seen in the video is a swarm of small flies, probably aquatic in the larval stage. Most likely this “smoke cloud” is a mating swarm of flies that belong to the family Empididae. These flies number in the thousands of species and are found worldwide. What you see in the video is a typical habitat for many varieties of Empidid flies. Check out what Wikipedia has to offer about these interesting critters, there is good info there.
    There is much in this world that is strange and difficult to explain, but I’m convinced this is not one of those things – it is a swarm of insects – nothing more, but nothing less.

      • Thomas B

        Never thought that my M.S. degree in entomology would ever be used in connection with Sasquatch, but sure enough. As for the comment that it might be a spider web, it is highly unlikely. Webs will glisten in the sunlight and waver some in the wind, but not to the extent seen in the video. This is an insect swarm. I’ve seen these same type of flies here in Michigan doing the same sort of “mating dance”. They tend to orient themselves above some sort of structure, a tall plant in a field, a rock, a stick poking out of the water. As a few start others join in and soon there is this large swarm. In reminds me somewhat of a large flock of small birds that congregate and fly in tight formation, changing directions frequently giving it a wavering appearance.

  2. Mason S

    Looks like a swarm of tiny flies. I see them swarming over the pond on my property. The source of the smoke would be moving up if if that was what it showed. Kinda jumping to conclusions on the video saying it my be a spiritual presence.

  3. Chamberlin

    The video of what appears to be smoke moving on the opposite side of the creek.
    I believe they witness the paranormal.
    I have witness the very same thing in my garden years ago.
    It look like smoke moving with a mind of it’s own.
    For two weeks the smoke reside high within pine tree branches in my garden.
    At night, the smoke would leave the pine tree and move about my garden.
    This odd smoke I later understood it to be paranormal, it came and went with the rains.
    It was October 2005.

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