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Strange Sasquatch encounter

1983, 10:30 P.M.

Witness Observed:

This encounter did not happen to me personally, but was told to me by my sister-in-laws Father in 1983. Mr. XXXXX R. is a person that I consider to be of good character and a solid member of the community. He and I were working together on an Industrial Project in Lower South Carolina at the time of the occurrence. On weekends we would drive to our homes in Upstate South Carolina. One particular weekend the following encounter took place.

bigfootcrossingOn a Friday night in late August of 1983, Mr. R was traveling home to Upstate South Carolina from his job in Georgetown, SC. This particular night it had been raining lightly most of the way and very few cars were on the road. He said he came up behind a slow moving car while driving along Hwy. 97 near Lake Wateree State Park. Although the road is mostly straight in this area, due to ground fog he didn’t pass and decided to take his time and give the car ahead some distance. Suddenly the car ahead without reason that he knew, swerved and went off the edge of the road. He, not sure what was going on and knowing someone could be hurt, immediately stopped his pick-up, grabbed a flashlight and ran to the car. He found two elderly aged women very shaken up, but unhurt. They were excited and asked him if he had seen what had almost hit them. He did not know at first what they were talking about. They explained to him, that as they were driving a deer ran out in front of their car and immediately behind it ran this large black creature that almost ran into their car. That’s when they swerved to miss it.

Mr. R. told them that due to the fog he didn’t see what it was they described. Due to the wet grass they were unable to back their car onto the road, so Mr. R offered to use a rope in his truck to pull them out. As he walked around to the back of his truck, he walked straight into this creature that the women had described. He told me that it was standing no more than 10 to 20 feet from his truck. With his flashlight he could tell it was large built and over six feet tall with dark blackish colored hair. He said it had reddish colored eyes and smelled like rotting meat.

He described, when he told the story, that the smell reminded him of a deer carcass that had been hanging up for a couple days. He froze when he saw this thing, not sure what it was or what it’s intentions were. Immediately, it turned and walked to the edge of the woods, made a grunting sound, then disappeared into the thick pines.

Later he told us that he was quite shaken from this experience. He really isn’t or wasn’t until his encounter, a believer of Bigfoot. When he returned to work on Monday morning he recalled this story to me and asked if I had seen anything strange while passing through that area.(I traveled the same route to go home also) Due to his stature in the community he has never shared this story with more than immediate family, for fear of sounding foolish. I have had no reason to doubt his story over the years and felt it was time to pass this on to the experts who research such events.

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  1. Steven P

    Cool encounter, I have no doubt that there are more stories like this out there,where people don’t want to come forward because of similar concerns. LOL I get some good natured ribbing from my brother just discussing this site LOL.

  2. Gabriel H

    Same thing here Steve re: ribbing. Eye opening isn’t it – seeing the prevailing societal consensus. As the grins and giggles start I usually end up saying something like “Before we leave this idea I just want to reiterate this – one and one time only – and then I’ll let it go. This is it… Sasquatches are a reality. In fact, there are three documented encounters right around where you’re going. I’m not joking about this. If you’d like more information let me know and I’ll point you in the right direction”

  3. Joseph B

    I wonder why some are seen and described as almost groomed with “hair” not “fur”, while others are observed dirty, smelly, and unkempt as if they had absolutely no regard for their body. This may be a trait to one of the 4 (or more) different species believed to exist, but it is puzzling how one encounter describes the creature as almost well groomed with flowing hair and another with what is close to mange and stink that carries 50+ yards ????

    • Brett S

      Maybe grooming corelates to social group, rogue males being less groomed not having the social interaction with a pod to share in grooming rituals like other apes

  4. kevin k

    You know what I find that people sometimes scoff at the idea when I bring some of these encounters up in conversation. But I believe people ought to know. I am the parent of 4 small and smallish children. The idea of one of them being hauled off and eaten because the government doesn’t see fit to warn folks is a very compelling and sobering. I feel that people have the right to know just how dangerous these creatures have the potential to be. These creatures are predators of the highest order and when the opportunity for an easy meal is presented they take it like all other predators do. It’s disgusting to know what some turd beauracrat would do or allow to be done to save face.

    • Joseph B

      Kevin, I agree completely. You have to figure there are a good number of rogue males and in some rare instances (due to injury, etc.) even females. If they are out there on their own and unable to share in kills, common sense will tell you they will become opportunists and will most likely throw caution to the wind when they see a small child that is an easy grab. The ability to easily subdue a small child, carry the body off easily, and if you think of it, a small child is nothing more to a giant creature like a Sasquatch but a “ball” of fat. The muscles are not developed, the organs are pure, the bones are easy to break to access the marrow, and one will fulfill the nutritional needs for days, maybe weeks for such an animal. Before I got interested in this phenomenon, I would always wonder why so many young children would get lost and “disappear” during mountainous camping trips. It is a fine line, you want your child to explore his / her surroundings to learn, but still maintain constant control of where they are and what they are doing. The problem is these beasts are SOOO stealthy they will get themselves within striking distance and just wait for the perfect time.

  5. Kris W

    I’ve had the feeling deer are using my van to get away from something. They cling to the sides of the street here in the pine lands. I don’t blame em. They make me stop my car they walk so slow across the road. They also hang in large packs around the houses especially the front yards near the street! I’ve never seen them do that in the day time!

  6. Charles R

    When a story like this happens I wonder why the big fella hung around the scene. Was it possibly to help the elderly ladies should they need it? I have read several encounters where they have helped rescue victims that were either lost or had been injured in the forest.

        • Jack33

          With all due respect, I don’t think we know enough about these
          creatures to say definatively one way or another. But I for one wouldn’t want to stick around and find out.

          • Robert D

            Strange, case after case after case point out that people are killed in multitudes by Sasquatch. I wonder why some people still think they are something like what’s portrayed in Harry & The Hendersons?

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