Apr 19

Strange News: Man throws $200,000 fortune onto busy highway in Oregon

This isn’t far from where I live. Yahoo News writes “Motorists couldn’t believe their eyes last Tuesday evening when 38-year-old Colin Davis McCarthy started throwing wads of cash from his vehicle onto Interstate 5.

The stunt quickly turned into a race to grab as much of the money as possible, with motorists pulling up at the side of the road and the traffic being slowed to a crawl by the chaos.

When the police arrived on the scene, the culprit explained to officers that he was “doing well and wanted to bless others with gifts of money.”

Unfortunately, though, the money he was using happened to be the entire contents of his family’s shared bank account – a fact which certainly didn’t go down well with his relatives.

“He could have been charged in a situation like this for danger being created because of his actions—disorderly conduct, potentially reckless endangering, but most likely disorderly conduct,” said OSP Lieutenant Jim Andrews.

The man’s family is now appealing to members of the public to turn the money in to the police.

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