Dec 26

Strange Lights On Mount Shasta

A listener writes “I was camping on beautiful Mt. Shasta for five days, close to the peak not far from Panther Meadows. I was sitting out on my chair just staring at the beauty of the peak of the mountain as the sun was setting.

About twenty minutes before it got dark I saw a bright white spherically shaped ball of light coming from a north-east direction. At first I told myself it must be a drone. But as it flew slowly and silently over the tops of the forest it it began to act like a strobe light. It eventually flew over to, hmmm maybe a couple of thousand feet to the top of the mountain off to the right a bit from my angle. It basically just stopped or parked itself in one spot and began to strobe.

I just sat there and watched it wondering at this point if it was mechanical or spiritual because it could be anything. It was by itself for about ten minutes or so and then, all of a sudden three more of the same bright white lights of spheres came from the same direction that the first one came. As they got closer to the first one they too began to strobe.

They ended up stopping in place maybe five hundred feet or so from the first one. At this point I was taken back.

All four of these orbs where just sitting there for about 30 or 40 minutes flashing like a strobe light. They would get very bright and increase in size to up to maybe 3-4 times their initial size to decreasing in size and brightness to a barely visible low spherical light. I thought to myself they must be communicating or doing something energetically in that space.

I’ve had one other phenomenon of light happen on Mt. Shasta, well two others really at different times. I have been thinking about reaching out for months but for whatever reason I’m doing it now.”

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