Jun 15

Strange Lights In The Sky Over Tonapah, NV

STRANGE BRÄU RADIO posted a video of strange lights over Tonapah, NV. Check it out.

5 Responses to “Strange Lights In The Sky Over Tonapah, NV”

  1. Joe M

    Right next to the Nevada Test Site and just up the road from Groom Lake/Area 51. Way out in the boonies, 100 miles from the nearest other town. Super-dark skies and a history of high strangeness.

  2. Jeffrey E

    I knew and talked to guys (while stationed at Osan AB) that worked at Tonopah. They got recruited from Nellis AFB to work the F-117. They told me everything from the device that measured their fingers to enter the facility, to blacking out windows when other projects landed, to the bases in South America we are not supposed to know about.

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