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Strange Familiars: Return of the Green Claw

Strange Familiars writes “Tara woke up as a child with a weird green creature sitting on top of her. She has also had experiences with shadow people, ghosts, poltergeist activity, and more.”

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  1. Linda B

    I know how this lady feels about negative energy. My middle son had temporarily gotten involved with some really dark energy at his high school, and I was having nightmares. It became a spiritual battleground, with literal angels and demonic entities being driven out by those angels (my youngest son and I saw an angel in his room), the Bible on radio being played out loud, etc. We moved out and a lady moved in with her grown kids and their child. She later passed away. That once lovely home has been empty for years, in a repossessed state, looks faded and old, abandoned and most likely haunted. It has been a lovely family home, so sad.

  2. Linda B

    It’s too bad this gal doesn’t believe in God, because the devil who was whispering to her after she woke up is real. In the house i described in the above post, one of the nightmares was I was being been stung by a giant bee and when I woke up, the bee was still stinging me. My security light would come on at 3 am outside my bedroom window. One night I saw the light come on and the “Bible on radio” was playing in my room and it was like the demon outside triggering the light was waiting to come in. Finally a scripture came through the radio “The Word of God is Truth and in it there is no lie” and that thing (a giant bee in my mind’s eye) left and never came back.
    I also had a dream about Scandinavian trolls while at an out of town bed and breakfast. The next morning we talked to the proprietor about the dream and she said oh you mean the —— (trolls), (can’t recall the name). There were figurines all over her mantle just like these things in my dream and of course I had never been in that private living quarters before.
    This stuff is real, they visit you in dreams which I think are really portals, so why wouldn’t you claim a loving Jesus as Savior to protect you from the bad guys.. abundant life here and eternal life. 2+2 really does equal 4.

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