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Strange Event While Camping

A listener writes “I have never emailed you about my possible encounter because I never saw anything, but I am unsure what else it could have been in Southern middle Tennessee, but tonight I listened to episode 1038 where the guest talked about how he could feel the ground shake when the Sasquatch ran through his camp and that is precisely the encounter that I had.

The encounter happened whenever I was in middle school, and I am pretty sure I was in seventh grade at the time. I also remember it being cold, so it had to have been late fall/early winter in 2013.

My friend lived in Tullahoma, TN, which is next to my hometown of Winchester, TN. His name is Luke, and my other friend Tye also came over to his house that night, Luke’s brother Tristan was also there during the time of the encounter. My friends and I were 13 at the time, I think Tristan was probably around 10 or 11. Anyway, we decided that we would go camp out for the night in this patch of woods behind his house, and it was surrounded by a large field.

We did not bring any tents or sleeping bags, we were trying to be tough so we didn’t even bring blankets even though it was probably around 40 degrees that night. We did however make a stick shelter and had a fire and we also had some pizza boxes which is what we ate for dinner that night. It was important to note that we did not have any padding, other than laying out the pizza boxes to have at least something between us and the ground when we were sleeping underneath our stick shelter. I do not remember anything being out of the ordinary that night before we went to bed, but the reason I am reaching out to you is because early that morning, around dawn me and Tye were both woken up by percussion in the ground by something running past our little camp/shelter.

Tye and Luke are more outdoorsy and tough than I am, I thought we were stupid for sleeping out there with no blankets and just our jackets and some leaves and pizza boxes to sleep on. But whatever came running past our shelter woke me and Tye up simultaneously because the ground was shaking from something very heavy running past our camp, but Luke could sleep through a train wreck, so he did not wake up and I do not remember if his brother did or not. Like I said above, I never saw anything but after the ground stopped shaking from whatever this was moving off, Tye and I instantly woke Luke up and told him we were going back to his house because we were not staying out there for another second with whatever had just come running past our camp.

Luke called us wussies and me and Tye were like you can be our guest to stay out here but we are going back to your house. My Papa has owned a farm with about 80-100 cows my entire life, and I have worked cattle since I was old enough to be out there to help, which was probably around 5 or 6. I have been around horses and cattle, and have herded cattle into the corral and never have I experienced the ground shaking as those large animals came by me. Whatever this thing was had to be massive and I am thinking Bi-Pedal because obviously cattle’s weight is distributed on four legs, which is why I have never felt them percuss the ground like what woke us up that morning.

I have looked on the BFRO website to see if there have been any other sightings in the area, and sure enough, there was an account for Coffee County, TN, In Tullahoma in Spring of 2013. The guy who reported it said that the creature was over 9 feet tall, which is certainly big and heavy enough to percuss the ground if that was what came by our camp that fall/winter. I have been interested in Sasquatch for most of my life and at the time I was thinking that it could have been a sasquatch. Sometimes I wish I had gotten up to try to see what came running past our camp but I was too scared to even move from where I was sleeping. I don’t think my account warrants coming on the show because I never saw anything, and I am not sure exactly what is was but I did want to report that I know that the ground physically shook as this thing ran past our camp, because that was the entire reason that me and Tye both woke up and were so scared that we instantly left the patch of woods and went back to Luke’s house after making Luke get up and come with us.

I have talked to Tye about it since then and he distinctly remembers the encounter and being scared shitless as well. Neither of us saw anything, we just remember something running by and shaking the ground as it came through. I am not saying for sure that it was Sasquatch, but in my experience I do not know any other animal/creature that would percuss the ground like what happened that morning.”

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  1. Charles R

    Thanks for experience listener, I would put my money on a large Sasquatch running by you and friends. This is the report if anyone is interested.
    My best friend had a similar experience in early June of 2007, Midland County, Michigan. Late night he and friend were outside sitting by his inground pool, no lights on. Now Mike did not have good eyesight and described around midnight the ground started shaking as something ran between them and his house and fast. Mike had 10 acres mostly wooded as was the whole neighborhood, and had a corn feeder for deer and would put out apples in the fall. In 2007 we had no idea, but he ruled out a horse.

  2. Ken K

    I used to live in Beechgrove, Tn. One night in 2018, my sons and I were downstairs watching TV and we both heard and felt thuds running by our house, definitely something running on 2 feet. We’ve had horses escape their enclosures from nearby ranches and have heard and felt a horse in full gallop run past our house and whatever my sons and I heard/ felt that one night back in ‘18 was both louder and was ‘felt’ more. We just shut off the TV, looked at each other in amazement and decided to go upstairs for the night. As soon as I went upstairs, I loaded my shotgun with slugs and kept it under my bed. It was amazing how loud these thuds were and how much we felt each thud from inside the house. It’s scary for sure.

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