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Strange Encounter In Washington State

A listener writes “I had an experience in 2022 with a friend of mine. I never really talked about it with anyone till late last year cause I felt crazy but I think about my experience all the time. Anyways my friend and were going up this logging road called Finney-Cumberland Road (it goes far into the mountains) We went up mid summer of 2022 to go target practice.

I’m not super familiar with guns, but we went to a secluded area where no one else would be and there was only one way in and one way out. We went to a spot where there was a dead end. Anyways we where target practicing and I was watching my friend Matt shoot his rifle and we both had these electronic earmuffs so we could still hear each other talk while shooting, while he was shooting I heard voices in the woods. I immediately got chills. I didn’t say anything at first to my friend but then it kept going as he was shooting and I yelled stop and he did and I said do you hear those voices. They had stopped right before I yelled stopped but probably about 30 seconds after he stopped they started again and we both immediately got scared and shocked at the same time. The voices weren’t clear. It sounded like there where 2 of them both males it sounded human like but was complete gibberish. We scanned the woods with our rifles we both had scopes on them and didn’t see anything. My friend screamed hello and no reply.

There is no other way for anyone to get were we where at unless they took the same road and we would’ve seen them come up considering we where at a dead end. I haven’t heard a lot of your podcast of people experiencing talking in the woods from Sasquatch but the best way to describe what we heard was in the audio of the “Sierra Sounds” which I’m sure you are familiar with if you skip to 1:55 and listen till 2:01 that’s what I heard and then if you skip again to 2:42 it’s exactly the same. I was terrified and I had a horrible feeling that told me to leave. We stayed another 10 min and continued target practice but we heard them again and my friend told me we need to leave right away it’s like they didn’t like us target practicing but knew we weren’t harming anything but they definitely didn’t want us there you could feel it. The woods are so thick you can’t see more then 15 ft into the woods and it’s so dark.

I just remember scanning the woods while my friend packed everything up. I was so terrified and when I think about it I get goosebumps every single time I remember those voices so clear to this day and I’ve always wanted to go back up the mountain and try and hear them again but I’m also so terrified. I haven’t gone back since then but my friend has. He never experienced anything like that before but has seen black bears and a cougars but nothing like what we had experienced. Anyways thanks for your podcast, I’ve always been so fascinated with Sasquatch I use to watch “Finding Bigfoot” as a kid, I have always believed and now I definitely 100% know they are out there! Thanks for all you post helps me feel less crazy listening to others experiences.”

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  1. Sarah G

    They are absolutely in that area. Scary shit. We bought property just south of there in a wooded area and we have found footprints, weird carvings in trees and just an eerie feeling everytime in the woods.

  2. Charles M

    That is awesome I spent a lot of time there lived in one of the house is on the end of pots road My dad Had plastered Paris footprints of them Back when I was a kid 50 years ago They are in that area for sure I’ve met gentlemen like Renee In John Green Dennis gates

  3. Carrie S

    I have listened to the Ron Morhead audios after him mimicking back to the sasquatches and it gives me chills, everytime! I couldn’t imagine the fear of hearing them in the woods where I was! I’m glad you both left when you did and were no other encounters with them.

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