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Strange Encounter In Ohio

A listener writes “I’m a researcher in Ohio. I’d like to share a few experiences I’ve had here with Bigfoot, a possible dogman , and a family group of water-people.

I’ll start with my Bigfoot encounter.

I found an area shortly before Christmas at a deserted picnic area in the state park I live up against that showed signs of activity . Lots of tree talk and structures . I would go at night , turn my lights and my engine off , and strobe light the woods . I have a light with a red strobe and a spotlight .

Where I was parked there were woods all around me , but I was focused on one area to my left . I would red strobe the length of this area , then spotlight it , then strobe , then spotlight . The 4th time I hit the spotlight , down in a gully where the lake and the woods meet were approximately 14 pairs of eyes . Some were high up , some were mid tree , a few were low to the ground . I watched as the higher ones seemed to move sideways behind what I assumed were trees , then back out again . The low ones just stayed where they were . I watched them for a few minutes , and then I got a very bad feeling , like I shouldn’t be there . Slowly I pulled away from the area . The next night I went back , hoping to see the eyes again . There was nothing there , except over to the left of that spot . There , I saw two large red spots that reflected my flashlights glow .

They were very still and I thought it must be something the park had put there , a grill or a trash can with reflectors on it . Then they disappeared . Again I felt like I should not be there . The following night I had to go back , I needed to know what I was dealing with . Far to my left , behind a large tree. I saw two very large red eyes . I felt fearful of this thing , and I had a thought that this was the alpha , and it was passed that I had gotten it’s whole community worked up with my strobe light . I watched in awe as it moved from one side of the tree to the other , sometimes it came out pretty far and moved forward towards me , like it wanted to come at me but knew it shouldn’t. I felt it’s anger . I had a pretty good flashlight but this creature was about 150 yards from me . I could see it’s bulk but I couldn’t make out any features . It seemed to get more aggravated the longer I sat and watched it . I suddenly became aware of noises in the woods in back of me . I can’t describe them , it was just like something was moving through the trees . I suddenly got a voice , loud , in my mind , to GET OUT .

I am not sure where it came from , but I realized I had made some thing very angry . I decided I needed to leave these things alone and let them return to their lives . I left that area and didn’t return for 3 weeks . When I did , I had no feeling of anything being there . I believe they moved to another area . This park is 6,375 acres with a 3,650 acre lake . There are many places where these creatures can stay out of sight .”

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  1. STEVE W

    They inhabit more than one state park in Ohio , And I am sure they also are in large county parks, I didnt go looking for them, I noticed they was around, After I noticed they was around is when they zeroed in on me, They have tested my mettle for sure,

  2. Scott B

    I’m also in Ohio and have been dealing with them for years. most recently, across the street in a patch of woods. they keep to themselves pretty much. they will mimicking owls a lot and wife and I will listen to them from our front porch. wife really gets a kick out of them because they are terrible at owl calls. they’ll occasionally leave me something on my car and have slapped the house a few times. and I live in town, kinda.

    • Linda B

      Wow! Ohio is so full of activity! I wonder how your terrain and habitat compares to ours in KS. Are they more prevalent in early spring there like they are here?

      • Amie S

        May I ask what part of Ohio you are from? I’m in Monroe County and admin a fb group out of Monroe County and surrounding areas. I’d be interested in talking with you. Thanks!
        Monroe County Ohio Bigfoot Enthusiasts

    • Amie S

      May I ask what part of Ohio you are from? I’m in Monroe County and admin a fb group out of Monroe County and surrounding areas. I’d be interested in talking with you. Thanks!
      Monroe County Ohio Bigfoot Enthusiasts

  3. Linda B

    I really like how this witness can hear them in his mind. I had that experience once. Ron Moorehead says they find the frequency your energy vibrates at and then communicate with you telepathically on that frequency. This makes sense to me. He could also sense their anger. I wonder if this is the survival response/fight or flight/sixth sense we have. Do we all have that sixth sense? Do we need to research what that inner knowing is?

  4. Linda B

    I think I need to know more about the water people??? Also, I was talking to my brother tonight and he was getting a spiritual response in his minds eye/vision?? Of a dogman in an area between his house and mine. The animal he was seeing in his mind was just like the one Wes posted in his blog yesterday or so about the kids in the steel mill/old building. 8ft tall, long tail, legs like a dog but larger. Creeppy stuff!

  5. Anna R

    Lots of activity going on in Ohio, no doubt. I am in central Ohio . Ohio Is UNDERRATED for the amount of bigfoot activity. I believe it has something to do with the fact we are surrounded by the great lakes (Lake Erie especially)

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