Feb 11

Strange Encounter From Indiana

A listener writes “I have a few encounters myself with something I can’t explain but my ex-girlfriend had a monkey thing try and drag her to the woods when she was about two years old. Her uncle came outside when she started screaming and it let go of her then it grabbed their dog and drug it up a tree her uncle grabbed her ran inside got a gun and shot it and killed it. They called the sheriff’s department and they came out and told them to dig a hole and burn it then cover it up and as far as to my knowledge its still there in the ground because they said nothing came and took it out.. They said there was more then one of them but they only shot one little one. I thought she was pulling my leg but when I went to her grandmother’s house she pulled out the newspaper clipping of the event happening its a small town in Indiana..”

11 Responses to “Strange Encounter From Indiana”

  1. Thomas J

    Another encounter where flutes and a game of marbles are not on the menu. The little girl and the dog were on the menu. Our furry friends woul probably puts Franks Hot Sauce on us cause they put that sh@t on everything. Wes get these folks on the show please.

  2. Denise F

    Isn’t it interesting how we are hearing more incidents of these creatures grabbing or stalking people? We are getting closer to someone coming out and linking SOME of the strange disappearances to these creatures.
    Many people that think these things are all friendly need to hear these accounts.

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