Jun 13

Strange Encounter From 1995

Hey Wes, long time fan of the show, believer. Not a Sasquatch sighting, but a weird event. It was the summer of 1995. I was at my friend Nicks place. His parents owned a place kinda out on a sandy ridge, with some thick pine bush.

Their place was about 3/4 of a mile long, but very narrow, maybe 200′ wide. The place was sorta filled with trees on both sides, mostly kinda scrubby pine trees up to about 35′ if I had to guess. The centre of the yard was mostly scrubby sand and desert plants kinda stuff.

Off to the right side of the property was a dugout area, a ‘pit’ if you will, about 30′ x 30′. Down there is where we had pitched a tent, were listening to tunes, just being cool kids haha
We left the pit area at about 10:00 ..by this time it was pretty dark out. We go to the house and went to light a cigarette….when we looked backed down the yard to where we were staying and we saw a yellow/orange glow at the level of the treetops, we were immediately confused (roughly 40′ above the pit where we had our tent was the treetops ) …it illuminated the tree tops, but had no real focal point or beam of any sort. Suddenly, it dropped or descended to the bottom of the pit area and lit up the bowl…and as quickly it disappeared.

Being 14 year old kids we ran into the house. I slept on nicks bedroom floor that nite and was terrified for hours. We went back out the next day, and the only thing different was that out tent had been knocked down.

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  1. Denise F

    These lights are so interesting.
    Who can ever forget the guy that was camping and a light came into his tent, where he heard (or read?) the message about a ‘download complete’? Happened in an active area also……makes ya wonder 😉

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